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شہادت سے متعلّق : Shahadat Se Mutaliq Meaning in English

Shahadat Se Mutaliq in Sentences

Evidential signs of a forced entry.
Its evidentiary value.

Shahadat Se Mutaliq in Detail

1) شہادت سے متعلق : Evidential Evidentiary : (satellite adjective) serving as or based on evidence.


Useful Words

سماعت : Hearing , غیر عقلی : Blind , قابل مدافعت : Tenable , قیاسی : Conjectural , قیاس : Conjecture , بالواسطہ بیان کردہ شہادت : Hearsay Evidence , عدالتی فیصلہ : Adjudication , سالن کا ڈونگا : Tureen , رات کے کھانے والے برتن : Dinnerware , چائے کی ٹرالی : Tea Cart , ضعیف الاعتقاد : Credulous , تصدیق کرنا : Bear Witness , ثبوت دینا : Argue , صداقت نامہ : Testimonial , ثبوت دینا : Corroborate , تصدیق : Attestation , دلیل لانا : Abduce , جو ثابت نہ ہوا ہو : Uncorroborated , کسی کے بارے میں ٹہوس ثبوت : Testament , قبل از وقت فیصلہ : Prejudgement , یقینی طور پر : Believably , سراغ : Lead , حوالہ دیتا : Adducing , دلائل سے قبل فیصلہ کر دینا : Prejudge , ٹہوس ثبوت : Confutation , حالات سے ثابت کرنا : Circumstantiate , ثابت کرنا : Affirm , ظن : Parti Pris , غلط ثابت کرنا : Rebut , راسخ عقیدہ : Article Of Faith , راز فاش کر دینا : Singing

Useful Words Definitions

Hearing: (law) a proceeding (usually by a court) where evidence is taken for the purpose of determining an issue of fact and reaching a decision based on that evidence.

Blind: not based on reason or evidence.

Tenable: based on sound reasoning or evidence.

Conjectural: based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence.

Conjecture: a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence.

Hearsay Evidence: evidence based on what someone has told the witness and not of direct knowledge.

Adjudication: the final judgment in a legal proceeding; the act of pronouncing judgment based on the evidence presented.

Tureen: large deep serving dish with a cover; for serving soups and stews.

Dinnerware: the tableware (plates and platters and serving bowls etc.) used in serving a meal.

Tea Cart: serving cart for serving tea or light refreshments.

Credulous: disposed to believe on little evidence.

Bear Witness: provide evidence for.

Argue: give evidence of.

Testimonial: something that serves as evidence.

Corroborate: give evidence for.

Attestation: the evidence by which something is attested.

Abduce: advance evidence for.

Uncorroborated: unsupported by other evidence.

Testament: strong evidence for something.

Prejudgement: a judgment reached before the evidence is available.

Believably: easy to believe on the basis of available evidence.

Lead: evidence pointing to a possible solution.

Adducing: citing as evidence or proof.

Prejudge: judge beforehand, especially without sufficient evidence.

Confutation: evidence that refutes conclusively.

Circumstantiate: give circumstantial evidence for.

Affirm: establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts.

Parti Pris: an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence.

Rebut: overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof.

Article Of Faith: an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence.

Singing: disclosing information or giving evidence about another.

Related Words

اہم : Important

Close Words

شہادت : Testimony , حقائق : Res Gestae , حلفیہ بیان دینا : Depone , شہادت دینے والا : Deponent , شہادت : Martyrdom , انگوٹھے کے ساتھ والی انگلی : Forefinger , شہادت : Attestation , شہادت : Witness

Close Words Definitions

Testimony: a solemn statement made under oath.

Res Gestae: rule of evidence that covers words that are so closely associated with an occurrence that the words are considered part of the occurrence and as such their report does not violate the hearsay rule.

Depone: make a deposition; declare under oath.

Deponent: a person who testifies or gives a deposition.

Martyrdom: death that is imposed because of the person`s adherence of a religious faith or cause.

Forefinger: the finger next to the thumb.

Attestation: the action of bearing witness.

Witness: testimony by word or deed to your religious faith.

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