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Sharri : شَرّی

1. Malign : شری - شیطانی : (adjective) evil or harmful in nature or influence.

2. Poisonous, Venomous, Vicious : شری - نقصان دہ : marked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful.

Bad Kari, Badkirdari, Bad Aamali : Evil : morally objectionable behavior.

Aadat, Fitrat : Nature : the complex of emotional and intellectual attributes that determine a person`s characteristic actions and reactions. "He is bound to his nature"

Karkhana Qudrat : Nature : the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized. "It is the nature of fire to burn"

Shar : Evil : the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice. "Attempts to explain the origin of evil in the world"

Burai : Evil : that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune. "May Allah save you from the evil eye"

خوش فہمی