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شٹر : Shatar Meaning in English

Shatar in Detail

1) شٹر پردہ : Shutter : (noun) a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure.


Useful Words

تصویر کھینچنے کا آلہ : Camera , شٹر بند کرنا : Shutter , انکشاف : Exposure , روشنی کی شدد کے ناپنے والا آلہ : Exposure Meter , شعاوں کی کثافت : Absorbance , انسان نما مشین : Android , مشینری آلات سے متعلق : Mechanical , مشین وغیرہ کا خاکہ یا نقش : Mechanical Drawing , خود کار پیانو : Mechanical Piano , خفیہ طور پر : In Camera , فلم بنانے کا آلہ : Camera , انعکاسی کیمرہ : Reflex Camera , آلہ : Device , حساب کرنے والا آلہ : Computer , سانس دینے والا آلہ : Breathing Apparatus , بم پھوڑنے کا آلہ : Cap , کمپیوٹر سے منسلک ہونے والا آلہ : Computer Peripheral , مونیٹر : Monitor , گھنٹی : Alarm , میزائیل کی رہنمائی کا آلہ : Homing Device , حفاظتی جیکٹ : Flotation Device , چلانے والا : Device Driver , جمانے کا آلہ : Holding Device , آواز کی منتقلی کا آلہ : Acoustic Device , پھٹنے والا آلہ : I.E.D. , قابو : Control , قوت ارادی : Possession , اشاروں پر چلانا : Control , بے قابو : Beyond Control , پتا لگانا : Ascertain , منصب سنبھالنا : Take Charge

Useful Words Definitions

Camera: equipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other).

Shutter: close with shutters.

Exposure: the disclosure of something secret.

Exposure Meter: photographic equipment that measures the intensity of light.

Absorbance: (physics) a measure of the extent to which a substance transmits light or other electromagnetic radiation.

Android: an automaton that resembles a human being.

Mechanical: relating to or concerned with machinery or tools.

Mechanical Drawing: scale drawing of a machine or architectural plan etc,.

Mechanical Piano: a mechanically operated piano that uses a roll of perforated paper to activate the keys.

In Camera: kept private or confined to those intimately concerned.

Camera: television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam.

Reflex Camera: camera that allows the photographer to view and focus the exact scene being photographed.

Device: an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose.

Computer: a machine for performing calculations automatically.

Breathing Apparatus: a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure.

Cap: a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive; can be used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive.

Computer Peripheral: (computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the CPU of a computer.

Monitor: display produced by a device that takes signals and displays them on a television screen or a computer monitor.

Alarm: a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event.

Homing Device: the mechanism in a guided missile that guides it toward its objective.

Flotation Device: rescue equipment consisting of a buoyant belt or jacket to keep a person from drowning.

Device Driver: (computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device.

Holding Device: a device for holding something.

Acoustic Device: a device for amplifying or transmitting sound.

I.E.D.: an explosive device that is improvised.

Control: power to direct or determine.

Possession: the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior.

Control: control (others or oneself) or influence skillfully, usually to one`s advantage.

Beyond Control: out of control.

Ascertain: be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something.

Take Charge: assume control.