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1 of 3) Shaver : شیو کرنے کے لائق, جوان : (noun) an adult male who shaves.

Related : Man : an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman).


2 of 3) Shaver, Child, Fry, Kid, Minor, Nestling, Nipper, Small Fry, Tiddler, Tike, Tyke, Youngster : بچہ یا بچی : (noun) a young person.

Related : Juvenile Person : a young person, not fully developed. Changeling : a child secretly exchanged for another in infancy. Wonder Child : a prodigy whose talents are recognized at an early age.

3 of 3) Shaver, Electric Razor, Electric Shaver : شیو کرنے کا آلہ : (noun) a razor powered by an electric motor.

Related : Razor : edge tool used in shaving.

Useful Words

Stag : بارہ سنگھا : adult male deer.

Cock, Rooster : مرغا : adult male chicken. "Be a rooster".

Stud, Studhorse : گہوڑا : adult male horse kept for breeding. "He has a studhorse".

Ram, Tup : مینڈھا : uncastrated adult male sheep. "A British term is `tup'".

Young Buck, Young Man : جوان لڑکا : a teenager or a young adult male.

Alto, Countertenor : گلوکار کا اونچا سر : the highest adult male singing voice. "I sing alto in choir because my voice is louder than others".

Tenor, Tenor Voice : موسیقی میں بلند مردانہ آواز : the adult male singing voice above baritone.

Adult Male, Man : آدمی : an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman). "Be a man".

Manfulness, Manliness, Virility : مردانگی : the trait of being manly; having the characteristics of an adult male. "Where is your manliness?".

Drake : نر مرغابی : adult male of a wild or domestic duck.

Bull : سانڈ : uncastrated adult male of domestic cattle.

Hart, Stag : بارہ سنگھا : a male deer, especially an adult male red deer. "Stag found in Africa".

Acting Out : بدتمیزی : a (usually irritating) impulsive and uncontrollable outburst by a problem child or a neurotic adult. "He is acting out".

Cub, Lad, Laddie, Sonny, Sonny Boy : بیٹا : a male child (a familiar term of address to a boy).

Sperm, Sperm Cell, Spermatozoan, Spermatozoon : نطفہ : the male reproductive cell; the male gamete. "A sperm is mostly a nucleus surrounded by little other cellular material".

Detention Camp, Detention Home, Detention House, House Of Detention : بچوں کی جیل : an institution where juvenile offenders can be held temporarily (usually under the supervision of a juvenile court). "The four young suspects were kept in a detention house".

Adult Male Body, Man's Body : مرد کا جسم : the body of an adult man.

Sow : مادہ سور : an adult female hog.

Adult Female Body, Woman's Body : عورت کا جسم : the body of an adult woman.

Adult Body : بالغ جسم : the body of an adult human being.

Muliebrity, Womanhood : زنانہ پن : the state of being an adult woman.

Grow Up : بڑا ہونا : develop and reach maturity; become an adult. "Now i have grown up".

Beef, Boeuf : گائے کا گوشت : meat from an adult domestic bovine.

Adult Female, Woman : عورت : an adult female person (as opposed to a man). "A woman is made to be respected".

Beluga, Delphinapterus Leucas, White Whale : سفید وہیل مچھلی : small northern whale that is white when adult.

Womanlike, Womanliness : زنانہ پن : the trait of being womanly; having the characteristics of an adult female.

Ox : بیل : an adult castrated bull of the genus Bos; especially Bos taurus.

Godchild : ایسا بچہ جس کی کفالت کی ذمہ داری بپتسمہ کے موقع پر کوئی بڑا قبول کرے : an infant who is sponsored by an adult (the godparent) at baptism.

Frau : بیوی : a German courtesy title or form of address for an adult woman.

Cockchafer, May Beetle, May Bug, Melolontha Melolontha : یورپی بہونرا : any of various large European beetles destructive to vegetation as both larvae and adult.

Polymorph : کثیرالاشکال : an organism that can assume more than one adult form as in the castes of ants or termites.

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