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شکاری : Shikari Meaning in English

Shikari in Sentences

A predatory bird.
A rapacious ant.

Shikari Synonyms


Shikari in Detail

1 of 3) شکاری : Courser : (noun) a huntsman who hunts small animals with fast dogs that use sight rather than scent to follow their prey.

2 of 3) شکاری شکار کھیلنا : Predatory Rapacious Raptorial Ravening Vulturine Vulturous : (satellite adjective) living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey.

3 of 3) شکاری جانوروں کو کھانے کے لیے شکار کرنے والا : Pothunter : (noun) someone who hunts for food (not for sport).

Useful Words

پنجہ دار : Clawed , مکڑی : Spider , انعام : Bounty , شکاری کتوں کو قابو میں رکھنے والا : Whipper-In , ایک قسم کا کتا جس کے بال کم ہوتے ہیں : Mexican Hairless , گہرے رنگ کا گھنگھریالے بالوں والا گھریلو یا پالتو کتا : Poodle , بے دم نسل کا کتا : Schipperke , چینی کتا : Peke , تباہ کن جنگی جہاز : Destroyer , ہسپانوی نسل کا کتا : Spaniel , پتا لگانا : Nose , جال سے پکڑنے والا : Snarer , گومڑا : Wart , چارا جمع کرنے والا : Forager , رک جانا : Check , چھوٹا صنوبر : Abies Fraseri , چھوٹے میمل جانور : Vermin , دڑبا : Cote , پرندوں کا شکاری : Fowler , ناجائز طور پر شکار کرنے والا : Poacher , لوبان کی خوشبو : Incense , ڈربا : Hutch , وھیل کا شکاری : Whaler , ہرن کی ناف سے رسنے والا خوشبودار مادہ : Musk , جوں : Acarid , چھوٹا سا کیڑا : Mite , موذی جانور : Varment , ایک قسم کا شکاری کتا یا جانور : Terrier , انتہائی تیز : Prestissimo , بھیڑیا : Wolf , رات کی رانی کا پودا : Damask Violet

Useful Words Definitions

Clawed: (of predatory animals) armed with claws or talons.

Spider: predatory arachnid with eight legs, two poison fangs, two feelers, and usually two silk-spinning organs at the back end of the body; they spin silk to make cocoons for eggs or traps for prey.

Bounty: payment or reward (especially from a government) for acts such as catching criminals or killing predatory animals or enlisting in the military.

Whipper-In: huntsman's assistant in managing the hounds.

Mexican Hairless: any of an old breed of small nearly hairless dogs of Mexico.

Poodle: an intelligent dog with a heavy curly solid-colored coat that is usually clipped; an old breed sometimes trained as sporting dogs or as performing dogs.

Schipperke: breed of small stocky black dogs originally used as watchdogs on boats in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Peke: a Chinese breed of small short-legged dogs with a long silky coat and broad flat muzzle.

Destroyer: a small fast lightly armored but heavily armed warship.

Spaniel: any of several breeds of small to medium-sized gun dogs with a long silky coat and long frilled ears.

Nose: catch the scent of; get wind of.

Snarer: someone who sets snares for birds or small animals.

Wart: any small rounded protuberance (as on certain plants or animals).

Forager: someone who hunts for food and provisions.

Check: stop in a chase especially when scent is lost.

Abies Fraseri: small fast-growing but short-lived fir of southern Alleghenies similar to balsam fir but with very short leaves.

Vermin: any of various small animals or insects that are pests; e.g. cockroaches or rats.

Cote: a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons).

Fowler: someone who hunts wild birds for food.

Poacher: someone who hunts or fishes illegally on the property of another.

Incense: the pleasing scent produced when incense is burned.

Hutch: a cage (usually made of wood and wire mesh) for small animals.

Whaler: a seaman who works on a ship that hunts whales.

Musk: the scent of a greasy glandular secretion from the male musk deer.

Acarid: very small free-living arachnid that is parasitic on animals or plants; related to ticks.

Mite: any of numerous very small to minute arachnids often infesting animals or plants or stored foods.

Varment: any usually predatory wild animal considered undesirable; e.g., coyote.

Terrier: any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground.

Prestissimo: extremely fast; as fast as possible.

Wolf: any of various predatory carnivorous canine mammals of North America and Eurasia that usually hunt in packs.

Damask Violet: long cultivated herb having flowers whose scent is more pronounced in the evening; naturalized throughout Europe to Siberia and into North America.

Related Words

جارحانہ : Aggressive

Close Words

شکاری پرندوں کا گھونسلہ : Aerie , شکاری کتے : Wolfhound , شکاری کتا : Retriever , شکاری کتا : Hound , شکاری کتوں کی کار کردگی کا مقابلہ : Field Trial , شکاری کتا : Courser , شکاری جانورں کا گروہ : Pack

Close Words Definitions

Aerie: the lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle).

Wolfhound: the largest breed of dogs; formerly used to hunt wolves.

Retriever: a dog with heavy water-resistant coat that can be trained to retrieve game.

Hound: any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears.

Field Trial: a test of young hunting dogs to determine their skill in pointing and retrieving.

Courser: a dog trained for coursing.

Pack: a group of hunting animals.

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