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Shock meaning in Urdu

Shock Sentences

He was numb with shock.
The incident of nine eleven shocked the world.

Shock Synonyms


Shock Definitions

1 of 10) Shock : صدمہ پہنچانا : (verb) strike with horror or terror.

The news of the bombing shocked her.

2 of 10) Shock, Daze, Stupor : صدمہ : (noun) the feeling of distress and disbelief that you have when something bad happens accidentally.

3 of 10) Shock, Impact : تصادم : (noun) the violent interaction of individuals or groups entering into combat.

The armies met in the shock of battle.

4 of 10) Shock, Appal, Appall, Offend, Outrage, Scandalise, Scandalize : دھچکا لگنا : (verb) strike with disgust or revulsion.

The scandalous behavior of this married woman shocked her friends.

5 of 10) Shock, Seismic Disturbance : زلزلے کا جھٹکا : (noun) an instance of agitation of the earth's crust.

The first shock of the earthquake came shortly after noon while workers were at lunch.

6 of 10) Shock, Blow : دھچکا : (noun) an unpleasant or disappointing surprise.

It came as a shock to learn that he was injured.

7 of 10) Shock : بجلی کا کرنٹ لگنا : (verb) subject to electrical shocks.

He received a fatal shock when he touched a worn electric cable.

8 of 10) Shock, Traumatise, Traumatize : چوٹ لگنا : (verb) inflict a trauma upon.

9 of 10) Shock, Jar, Jolt, Jounce : ہچکولا, دھکا : (noun) a sudden jarring impact.

All the jars and jolts were smoothed out by the shock absorbers.

10 of 10) Shock, Cushion, Shock Absorber : دھچکا روک : (noun) a mechanical damper; absorbs energy of sudden impulses.

The old car needed a new set of shocks.

Useful Words

Amazed : دنگ , Convalesce : صحت یاب ہونا , Electrocution : بجلی کی قوت سے ہلاک کرنے کا عمل , Electrocute : بجلی سے ہلاک کرنا , Dazed : حواس باختہ , Startling : فوری خطرہ یا تعجب کا باعث , Blip : دھچکا , Air Cushion : ہوا بھرا سہارا , Hypovolemic Shock : خون کی کمی کی وجہ سے صدمہ ہونا , Commando : گوریلا , Aftershock : زلزلے کے بعد آنے والا جھٹکا , Pound : کسی بھاری چیز سے مارنا , Defibrillation : دل کے پٹہوں کی حرکات کا سست ہو جانا اور پھر معمول پر آ جانا , Bumper : ٹکر روک , Metrazol : ایک دوا جو دل اور دماغ کی بیماریوں کے لئے استعمال ہوتی ہے , Asphyxia : دم گھٹنا , Sonic Boom : صوتی دھماکا , Dopamine : دماغ میں پیدا ہونے والا خوشی کا کیمیکل , Defibrillator : کوئی عامل یا ایجنٹ مثلاً برقی صدمہ جو قلبی ریشہ بندی ختم کرتا ہے اور نارمل ردم شروع کرتا ہے , Dazedly : بدحواسی سے , Sympathetic Strike : کسی کی ہمدردی میں کی گئی ہڑتال , Narcotic : نشہ آور دوا , Atrocious : ہولناک , Horrified : خوف ز دہ , Ghastly : ڈراوٴنا , Call Out : پکارنا , Abraham Stoker : آئرش مصنف , Hideous : خوفناک , Chilling : دہشت پیدا کرنے والا , Terrific : دہشت والی چیز , Awful : خوفناک

Useful Words Definitions

Amazed: filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock.

Convalesce: get over an illness or shock.

Electrocution: killing by electric shock.

Electrocute: kill by electric shock.

Dazed: in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock.

Startling: so remarkably different or sudden as to cause momentary shock or alarm.

Blip: a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption.

Air Cushion: a mechanical device using confined air to absorb the shock of motion.

Hypovolemic Shock: shock caused by severe blood or fluid loss.

Commando: a member of a military unit trained as shock troops for hit-and-run raids.

Aftershock: a tremor (or one of a series of tremors) occurring after the main shock of an earthquake.

Pound: strike or drive against with a heavy impact.

Defibrillation: treatment by stopping fibrillation of heart muscles (usually by electric shock delivered by a defibrillator).

Bumper: a mechanical device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage.

Metrazol: a drug used as a circulatory and respiratory stimulant; larger doses cause convulsions in shock therapy; Metrazol is a trademark.

Asphyxia: a condition in which insufficient or no oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged on a ventilatory basis; caused by choking or drowning or electric shock or poison gas.

Sonic Boom: an explosive sound caused by the shock wave of an airplane traveling faster than the speed of sound.

Dopamine: a monoamine neurotransmitter found in the brain and essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system; as a drug (trade names Dopastat and Intropin) it is used to treat shock and hypotension.

Defibrillator: an electronic device that administers an electric shock of preset voltage to the heart through the chest wall in an attempt to restore the normal rhythm of the heart during ventricular fibrillation.

Dazedly: in a daze; in a dazed manner.

Sympathetic Strike: a strike in support of other workers who are on strike; a strike not resulting from direct grievances against the workers' employer.

Narcotic: a drug that produces numbness or stupor; often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain; extensive use can lead to addiction.

Atrocious: provoking horror.

Horrified: stricken with horror.

Ghastly: shockingly repellent; inspiring horror.

Call Out: utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy.

Abraham Stoker: Irish writer of the horror novel about Dracula (1847-1912).

Hideous: grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror.

Chilling: provoking fear terror.

Terrific: causing extreme terror.

Awful: causing fear or dread or terror.

Related Words

Combat : لڑائی , Surprise : اچانک غیر متوقع چیز , Blow : ٹکر , Earthquake : زلزلہ , Injure : زخمی کرنا , Care For : کا علاج کرنا , Alarm : ہولانا , Churn Up : اخلاقیات تباہ کرنا

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