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Shocking 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Shocking in Sentence

The most shocking book of its time.

Shocking Synonyms

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Shocking in Detail

1. صدمہ انگیز Sadma Angaiz : Lurid, Shocking : glaringly vivid and graphic; marked by sensationalism.

Related : Sensational : causing intense interest, curiosity, or emotion.

2. بیہودہ Behuda, اہانت آمیز Ahaanat Aamez, مجروع کرنے والا Majru Karnay Wala : Disgraceful, Scandalous, Shameful, Shocking : giving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation.

The most shocking book of its time.

Related : Immoral : deliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong.

Shocking in Book Titles

Scandalous!: 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About.

Useful Words

Gift - Giving : دینے کا عمل Dene Ka Amal : the act of giving.

Computer Graphic - Graphic : کمپیوٹر کے ذریعے ظاہر کردہ تصویر Computer Kay Zariay Zahir Karda Tasveer : an image that is generated by a computer.

Marked - Pronounced : نمایاں Numaya : strongly marked; easily noticeable. "Walked with a marked limp"

Moral : کردار میں صحیح اور غلط کے اصولوں سے متعلق Kirdar Men Saheh Or Ghalat Kay Usoolon Se Mutaliq : concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles. "Moral sense"

Discourtesy - Offence - Offense - Offensive Activity : جارح Jareh : a lack of politeness; a failure to show regard for others; wounding the feelings or others.

Reputation - Repute : شان Shan : the state of being held in high esteem and honor.

Sensationalism : حسیت پسندی Hisiyat Pasandi : subject matter that is calculated to excite and please vulgar tastes.

Aesthesia - Esthesia - Sensibility : قوت احساس Quwat Ehsas : mental responsiveness and awareness.

Bright - Brilliant - Vivid : چمکیلے رنگ کا Chamkelay Rang Ka : having striking color. "Bright dress"