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Shrug meaning in Urdu

Shrug Sentence

Man shrugging shoulders.

Shrug Definitions

1 of 2) Shrug : کندھے اچکانا : (noun) a gesture involving the shoulders.


2 of 2) Shrug : بے اطمینانی کا اظہار کرتے ہوۓ کندھے اچکانا : (verb) raise one's shoulders to indicate indifference or resignation.

Useful Words

Elocution : بولنے کا فن , Beck : معنی خیز اشارہ , Flourish : نمائش , Beckon : اشارے سے بلانا , Military Greeting : فوجی سلامی دینا , Gesticulation : اشاراتی اظہار , Curtsey : ادب میں جھکنا , Mime : خاموش اداکار , Jab : تیزی سے ہاتھ کی حرکت جیسے مکے بازی , Shake Hands : ہاتھ ملانا , Sign : کوئی اشارہ , Elocutionist : خطیب , Piggyback : کندہوں پر لٹکا ہوا , Crooked : جھکے ہوئے کندہوں والا , Dolman : ایک قسم کی جیکٹ , Stole : چنری , Heaume : قدیم ہیلمٹ , Palankeen : ڈولی , Sandwichman : تشہیر کرنے والا , Cloak : عبایہ , Scarf : دوپٹا , Shawl : شال , Characterization : کردار ادا کرنا , Peplos : وہ کپڑا جو قدیم یونان میں عورتیں پہنا کرتی تھی , Strike Zone : بیس بال میں وہ جگہ جو بلے باز کے گھٹنوں اور کندھے کے درمیان ہوتی ھے , Rebozo : مفلر , Body Suit : ایک قسم کا چست لباس جو ناچ کے لئے پہنا جاتا ہے , High-Five : تالی مارنا , Trichromatic : تین رنگوں والا , Uterine : چ , Controversially : متنازعہ طور پر

Useful Words Definitions

Elocution: an expert manner of speaking involving control of voice and gesture.

Beck: a beckoning gesture.

Flourish: a showy gesture.

Beckon: summon with a wave, nod, or some other gesture.

Military Greeting: a formal military gesture of respect.

Gesticulation: a deliberate and vigorous gesture or motion.

Curtsey: bend the knees in a gesture of respectful greeting.

Mime: an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression.

Jab: a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow).

Shake Hands: take someone`s hands and shake them as a gesture of greeting or congratulation.

Sign: any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message.

Elocutionist: a public speaker trained in voice production and gesture and delivery.

Piggyback: support on the back and shoulders.

Crooked: having the back and shoulders rounded; not erect.

Dolman: a hussar`s jacket worn over the shoulders.

Stole: a wide scarf worn about their shoulders by women.

Heaume: a large medieval helmet supported on the shoulders.

Palankeen: a closed litter carried on the shoulders of four bearers.

Sandwichman: a person with advertising boards hanging from the shoulders.

Cloak: a loose outer garment that hangs loosely from the shoulders.

Scarf: a garment worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration.

Shawl: cloak consisting of an oblong piece of cloth used to cover the head and shoulders.

Characterization: acting the part of a character on stage; dramatically representing the character by speech and action and gesture.

Peplos: a garment worn by women in ancient Greece; cloth caught at the shoulders and draped in folds to the waist.

Strike Zone: (baseball) the area over home plate between a batter's knees and shoulders through which a pitch must pass in order to be called a strike.

Rebozo: a long woolen or linen scarf covering the head and shoulders (also used as a sling for holding a baby); traditionally worn by Latin-American women.

Body Suit: a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles); worn by ballet dancers and acrobats for practice or performance.

High-Five: a gesture of greeting or elation; one person`s upraised palm slaps the upraised palm of another person.

Trichromatic: having or involving three colors.

Uterine: of or involving the uterus.

Controversially: involving controversy.

Related Words

Gesture : حرکت , Gesticulate : اشارہ کرنا

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