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سیاہی خشک کرنے کے لیے استعمال کیا جاتا ہے : Siahe Khushk Karnay Kay Liye Estamal Kia Jata Hai Meaning in English

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Siahe Khushk Karnay Kay Liye Estamal Kia Jata Hai in Detail

1) جاذب کاغذ سیاہی خشک کرنے کے لیے استعمال کیا جاتا ہے : Blotter Blotting Paper : (noun) absorbent paper used to dry ink.

Related : Paper : a material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses.

Useful Words

پولیس کا روز کا ریکارڈ : Blotter, Charge Sheet, Day Book, Police Blotter, Rap Sheet : the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station. "Charge sheet against workers".

تولیہ : Towel : a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth (or paper) for drying or wiping.

برقی ورق : Electronic Paper : An electronic paper display (EPD) is an electrically-charged surface that replicates the look and experience of ink on paper. "Electronic paper display is good".

چینی کاغذ : Rice Paper : a thin delicate material resembling paper; made from the rice-paper tree.

کاربن کاغذ : Carbon, Carbon Paper : a thin paper coated on one side with a dark waxy substance (often containing carbon); used to transfer characters from the original to an under sheet of paper.

کاغذی : Chartaceous, Paperlike, Papery : of or like paper.

کاغذ کا ٹکڑا : Piece Of Paper, Sheet, Sheet Of Paper : paper used for writing or printing.

دبیز کاغذ کی جلد والی کتاب : Paper-Back Book, Paperback, Paperback Book, Soft-Cover, Soft-Cover Book, Softback, Softback Book : a book with paper covers.

مخلوط مصنف ہونا : Co-Author : be a co-author on (a book, a paper).

لکھنے والا کاغذ : Notepad : a pad of paper for keeping notes. "Hand me that notepad".

پرچی : Slip, Slip Of Paper : a small sheet of paper. "Said to hold the slip not hand".

چمڑی نما کاغذ : Parchment : a superior paper resembling sheepskin.

کاغذوں میں لپٹے ہوئے سکوں کا بیلن نما بٹوا : Rouleau : a roll of coins wrapped in paper.

سخت کاغذ : Cardboard, Composition Board : a stiff moderately thick paper. "Put a cupboard under the matress".

چائے تھیلی : Tea Bag : small paper bag holding a measure of tea.

بھڑ مکھی : Hornet : large stinging paper wasp. "Hornet stings are very painful to humans".

کتابچہ : Booklet, Brochure, Folder, Leaflet, Pamphlet : a small book usually having a paper cover. "Booklet design ideas".

کاغذ جس پر خاکہ بنایا جاتا ہے : Tracing Paper : a semitransparent paper that is used for tracing drawings.

لفافہ : Wrap, Wrapper, Wrapping : the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped.

کاغذ یا کپڑے کا چھوٹا سا ٹکڑا : Rag, Shred, Tag, Tag End, Tatter : a small piece of cloth or paper.

باریک کاغذ : Tissue, Tissue Paper : a soft thin (usually translucent) paper.

کاربن کاپی : Carbon, Carbon Copy : a copy made with carbon paper.

مومی کاغذ : Wax Paper : paper that has been waterproofed by treatment with wax or paraffin.

دیوار پر لگاۓ کا کاغذ : Wallpaper : a decorative paper for the walls of rooms.

ایک ڈالر کا نوٹ : Buck, Clam, Dollar, Dollar Bill, One Dollar Bill : a piece of paper money worth one dollar. "He has 20 bucks in pocket".

صاف کاغذ : Wove Paper : writing paper having a very faint mesh pattern. "Drawing on wove paper".

ردی کی ٹوکری : Circular File, Waste Basket, Waste-Paper Basket, Wastebasket, Wastepaper Basket : a container with an open top; for discarded paper and other rubbish.

ایک قسم کی کتاب : Sketch Block, Sketch Pad, Sketchbook : a book containing sheets of paper on which sketches can be drawn.

گڑیا : Paper Doll : a piece of paper cut or folded into the shape of a human being. "Paper doll is on table".

صفحات کا بنڈل : Pad, Pad Of Paper, Tablet : a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge.

شکن دار کاغذ : Crepe, Crepe Paper : paper with a crinkled texture; usually colored and used for decorations.

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