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سیدھا : Sidha Meaning in English

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1 of 7) سیدھا مستقیم الاضلاع : Rectilineal Rectilinear : (satellite adjective) characterized by a straight line or lines.

Related : One-Dimensional : of or in or along or relating to a line; involving a single dimension.


2 of 7) سیدھا : Unsloped Upright : (satellite adjective) in a vertical position; not sloping.

3 of 7) سیدھا : Due : (adverb) directly or exactly; straight.

4 of 7) سیدھا : Square Squarely : (adverb) in a straight direct way.

5 of 7) سیدھا مستقیم : Straight : (adjective) having no deviations.

Related : Shape : any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline). Direct : direct in spatial dimensions; proceeding without deviation or interruption; straight and short. Untwisted : not twisted; formerly twisted but now straight.

6 of 7) سیدھا : Direct : (adjective) straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action.

Related : Straight-From-The-Shoulder : characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion. Unvarnished : free from any effort to soften to disguise. Pointed : direct and obvious in meaning or reference; often unpleasant.

7 of 7) سیدھا : Straight : (adjective) free from curves or angles.

Useful Words

قطار بندی : Alignment : the spatial property possessed by an arrangement or position of things in a straight line or in parallel lines.

بھٹک جانا : Depart, Digress, Sidetrack, Straggle : wander from a direct or straight course.

گول : Cycloid : a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line.

زاویہ مستوی : Plane Angle : an angle formed by two straight lines (in the same plane).

براہ راست : Direct : direct in spatial dimensions; proceeding without deviation or interruption; straight and short. "A direct route".

سیدھا جانا : Streak : move quickly in a straight line. "The plane streaked across the sky".

قطار میں لگانا : Adjust, Align, Aline, Line Up : place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight. "Align the car with the curb".

دو نقطوں کو ملانے والی لکیر : Chord : a straight line connecting two points on a curve.

دو میں تقسیم کرتا ہوا : Secant : a straight line that intersects a curve at two or more points.

تقسیم شدہ کثیر الاضلاع شکل : Concave Polygon : a polygon such that there is a straight line that cuts it in four or more points.

عمود : Perpendicular : a straight line at right angles to another line.

منزل پٹی : Homestretch : the straight stretch of a racetrack leading to the finish line. "He hits the homestretch".

مڑنا : Bend, Deflect, Turn Away : turn from a straight course, fixed direction, or line of interest.

آبائی : Direct, Lineal : in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child. "Lineal ancestors".

قطری : Diagonal : (geometry) a straight line connecting any two vertices of a polygon that are not adjacent.

خط حامل : Vector : a straight line segment whose length is magnitude and whose orientation in space is direction.

دائرے کے درمیان سے گزرنے والا خط : Diam, Diameter : the length of a straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two points on the circumference. "Diameter of earth is 12,742 km almost".

پانچ کونی تارہ : Pentacle, Pentagram, Pentangle : a star with 5 points; formed by 5 straight lines between the vertices of a pentagon and enclosing another pentagon.

مماسی : Tangent : a straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point but does not intersect it at that point.

ترتیبی : Configurational : of or relating to or characterized by configuration.

اصلاح کرنا : Amend, Rectify, Remediate, Remedy, Repair : set straight or right. "Remedy these deficiencies".

گمراہ کن : Circuitous, Devious, Roundabout : deviating from a straight course. "A scenic but devious route".

سیدھا کرنا : Straighten, Straighten Out : make straight.

سیدھا کرنا یا ہونا : Straighten, Unbend : straighten up or out; make straight.

ہموار کرنا : Even, Even Out, Flush, Level : make level or straight. "Level the ground".

نشانہ : Point-Blank : close enough to go straight to the target. "Point-blank range".

کھمبا : Stob : a short straight stick of wood.

دغاباز : Corrupt, Crooked : not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive. "Corrupt military commander".

چاقو : Dirk : a relatively long dagger with a straight blade. "He found a dirk in forest".

چبہونا : Jab : a quick short straight punch.

چاقو : Parang : a stout straight knife used in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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