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سفارش کرنا : Sifarish Karna Meaning in English

Sifarish Karna Sentence


Sifarish Karna in Detail

1 of 2) سفارش کرنا تجویز کرنا : Advocate Recommend Urge : (verb) push for something.

2 of 2) تعریف کرنا سفارش کرنا : Commend Recommend : (verb) express a good opinion of.

Useful Words

عورت کے حق رائے دہی کی حمایتی عورت : Suffragette , اوپر اٹھنا : Push Up , دھکہ دینا : Shove , دھونس جمانا : Bull , ہلکے سے مارنا : Nudge , دھکا : Boost , دبانا : Jam , کہنی مار کر ہٹانا : Elbow , اٹھانا : Boost Up , جھٹکا : Jog , ہوائی جہاز کا پنکھا : Airplane Propeller , ہلکے سے دھکیلنا : Jog , دھکہ : Shove , ٹہوکنا : Drive , تمنا : Avidity , آگے بڑھنے والا آلہ : Propeller , ہوا کش پنکھا : Screw , ہنگامی صورت حال میں مدد کے لئے دبایا جانے والا بٹن : Panic Button , ارادے کی آزادی کا حامل : Libertarian , افلاطونیت کا پیرو : Platonist , علیحدگی پسند : Secessionist , بین الاقوامیت کا حامی : Internationalist , انتشار پھیلانے والا : Anarchist , نظریہ پرست : Ideologist , ماہرین کی حکومت کا حامی : Technocrat , مارکس کے نظریات کا حامی : Marxist , حامی تامین : Protectionist , کھینچنے والی کشتی : Towboat , گھنٹی : Bell , وکیل : Booster , جمہوریت کا حامی : Democrat

Useful Words Definitions

Suffragette: a woman advocate of women's right to vote (especially a militant advocate in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 20th century).

Push Up: push upward.

Shove: push roughly.

Bull: push or force.

Nudge: to push against gently.

Boost: the act of giving a push.

Jam: push down forcibly.

Elbow: push one's way with the elbows.

Boost Up: push upward.

Jog: a slight push or shake.

Airplane Propeller: a propeller that rotates to push against air.

Jog: give a slight push to.

Shove: the act of shoving (giving a push to someone or something).

Drive: push, propel, or press with force.

Avidity: a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something.

Propeller: a mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water.

Screw: a propeller with several angled blades that rotates to push against water or air.

Panic Button: a button to push in order to summon help in case of an emergency.

Libertarian: an advocate of libertarianism.

Platonist: an advocate of Platonism.

Secessionist: an advocate of secessionism.

Internationalist: an advocate of internationalism.

Anarchist: an advocate of anarchism.

Ideologist: an advocate of some ideology.

Technocrat: an advocate of technocracy.

Marxist: an advocate of Marxism.

Protectionist: an advocate of protectionism.

Towboat: a powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships.

Bell: a push button at an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed.

Booster: someone who is an active supporter and advocate.

Democrat: an advocate of democratic principles.

Related Words

حوصلہ افزائی کرنا : Praise , تجویز دینا : Advise

Close Words

سفارش : Recommendation , سفارش : Intercession

Close Words Definitions

Recommendation: something (as a course of action) that is recommended as advisable.

Intercession: a prayer to God on behalf of another person.

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