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1 of 3) Single, Unmarried : کنوارہ, غیر شادی شدہ : (adjective) not married or related to the unmarried state.

I am single.
Sex and the single girl.+ More

2 of 3) Single, Individual : انفرادی : (adjective) being or characteristic of a single thing or person.

3 of 3) Single, 1, Ace, I, One, Unity : ایک : (noun) the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number.

Useful Words

Spinsterhood : ناکتخدائی , Marital Status : شادی شدہ یا غیر شادی شدہ ہونے کی حالت , Personal Income : ذاتی کمائی , Celibacy : کنوارا پن , Autarchy : شخصی حکومت , Damoiselle : دوشیزہ , Maid : کنواری لڑکی , Old Maid : بڑی عمر کی کنواری عورت , Bastard : ناجائز اولاد , Celibate : کنوارا , Jeune Fille : چھوکری , Miss : کنواری لڑکی , Bachelor Girl : کنواری لڑکی , Autocracy : بادشاہی , Bridesmaid : دلہن کا خیال رکھنے والی لڑکی , Monotype : اپنے گروہ کا واحد رکن , Fraulein : دوشیزہ , Tangency : مماسیت , Lone : واحد , One After Another : ایک کے بعد ایک , Unipolar : واحد قطبہ , Uniovular : ایک بیضہ کے متعلق , Monotheism : ایک خدا کو ماننا , One : ایک , Monoplegia : جسم کے ایک اعضا یا ایک طرف فالج ہونا , Accent : تاکید کرنا , Conjugation : متحد کرنے کا عمل , 1 : ایک , Monolatry : ایک خدا کی عبادت کرنا , Incident : واقعہ , Single-Mindedly : مستقل مزاجی سے

Useful Words Definitions

Spinsterhood: the state of being a spinster (usually an elderly unmarried woman).

Marital Status: the condition of someone whether one is single, married, separated, divorced, or widowed.

Personal Income: the income received by a single individual.

Celibacy: an unmarried status.

Autarchy: a political system governed by a single individual.

Damoiselle: a young unmarried woman.

Maid: an unmarried girl (especially a virgin).

Old Maid: an elderly unmarried woman.

Bastard: the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents.

Celibate: an unmarried person who has taken a religious vow of chastity.

Jeune Fille: a girl or young woman who is unmarried.

Miss: a form of address for an unmarried woman.

Bachelor Girl: a young unmarried woman who lives alone.

Autocracy: a political theory favoring unlimited authority by a single individual.

Bridesmaid: an unmarried woman who attends the bride at a wedding.

Monotype: (biology) a taxonomic group with a single member (a single species or genus).

Fraulein: a German courtesy title or form of address for an unmarried woman.

Tangency: the state of being tangent; having contact at a single point or along a line without crossing.

Lone: being the only one; single and isolated from others.

One After Another: in single file.

Unipolar: having a single pole.

Uniovular: having a single ovule.

Monotheism: belief in a single God.

One: a single person or thing.

Monoplegia: paralysis of a single limb.

Accent: to stress, single out as important.

Conjugation: the act of making or becoming a single unit.

1: used of a single unit or thing; not two or more.

Monolatry: the worship of a single god but without claiming that it is the only god.

Incident: a single distinct event.

Single-Mindedly: in a single-minded manner.

Related Words

Individualism : انفرادیت , Digit : عدد , Idiosyncratic : انوکھا , Individualist : انفرادیت پسندانہ , Respective : اپنی اپنی جگہ , Singular : اکیلا , Divorced : طلاق یافتہ , Mateless : بے جوڑی کا , Unwed : غیر شادی شدہ , Widowed : بیوہ

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