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سیسے سے مُتَعلِّق : Sisay Se Mutaliq Meaning in English

Sisay Se Mutaliq in Detail

1) سیسے سے متعلق : Plumbic Plumbous : (adjective) relating to or consisting of lead.

Useful Words

کچا سیسہ : Green Lead Ore, Pyromorphite : a mineral consisting of lead chloride and phosphate; a minor source of lead.

پٹہوں سے متعلق : Muscular : of or relating to or consisting of muscle. "Muscular contraction".

تصور نگاری سے متعلق : Ideographic : of or relating to or consisting of ideograms.

چوتھائی کے متعلق : Quarterly : of or relating to or consisting of a quarter. "Quarterly report".

پانی سے متعلق : Aquatic : relating to or consisting of or being in water. "An aquatic environment".

پھلی والے پودوں سے متعلق : Leguminous : relating to or consisting of legumes.

مجسمہ سازی سے متعلق : Sculptural : relating to or consisting of sculpture. "Sculptural embellishments".

پانی سے لبریز : Watery : relating to or resembling or consisting of water. "A watery substance".

کاربنی : Carbonaceous, Carbonic, Carboniferous, Carbonous : relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon.

آتش فشانی : Volcanic : relating to or produced by or consisting of volcanoes. "Volcanic steam".

دستاویزی : Documental, Documentary : relating to or consisting of or derived from documents.

سالموں سے متعلق : Molecular : relating to or produced by or consisting of molecules. "Molecular structure".

زائدی : Appendicular : relating to or consisting of an appendage or appendages; especially the limbs. "The appendicular skeleton".

رہنمائی کی صلاحیت : Leadership : the ability to lead. "He believed that leadership can be taught".

سیسہ : Pig Lead : lead that is cast in pigs.

رہنمائی کرنا : Conduct : lead musicians in the performance of. "Bernstein conducted Mahler like no other conductor".

ترغیب دینے والا : Inducer, Persuader : someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on.

کنوارا ہونا : Bach, Bachelor : lead a bachelor's existence.

قیادت : Leaders, Leadership : the body of people who lead a group. "The national leadership adopted his plan".

تک جانا : Go, Lead : lead, extend, or afford access. "This door goes to the basement".

سفیدہ : Ceruse, Lead Carbonate, White Lead : a poisonous white pigment that contains lead.

قیادت : Lead : a position of leadership (especially in the phrase `take the lead'). "He takes the lead in any group".

لے جانا : Draw : bring or lead someone to a certain action or condition. "She was drawn to despair".

سفید دھات : Bearing Metal, White Metal : an alloy (often of lead or tin base) used for bearings.

جستی برتن : Pewter : any of various alloys of tin with small amounts of other metals (especially lead).

دیہاتی علاقے میں رہنا : Rusticate : live in the country and lead a rustic life.

گولی دار گولہ : Shrapnel : shell containing lead pellets that explodes in flight.

جینا : Live : lead a certain kind of life; live in a certain style. "Long Live Pakistan".

ٹکراوٴ کی روش : Collision Course : a course of action (following a given idea) that will lead to conflict if it continues unabated.

چھڑی : Baton, Wand : a thin tapered rod used by a conductor to lead an orchestra or choir.

راہ تصادم : Collision Course : a course of a moving object that will lead to a collision if it continues unchanged.

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