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1 of 4) Situation, State Of Affairs : حالات, صورت حال : (noun) the general state of things; the combination of circumstances at a given time.

The situation is better now that terrorism has been eradicated in Karachi.
Situation does not seem good.+ More

Related : State : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. The Absurd : a situation in which life seems irrational and meaningless. Acceptance : the state of being acceptable and accepted.


2 of 4) Situation, Position : حالت : (noun) a condition or position in which you find yourself.

The unpleasant situation (or position) of having to choose between two evils.
Found herself in a very fortunate situation.

Related : Status : a state at a particular time. Shoes : a particular situation. Soup : an unfortunate situation.

3 of 4) Situation : مشکل : (noun) a complex or critical or unusual difficulty.

The dangerous situation developed suddenly.
That's quite a situation.+ More

Related : Crisis : an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty. Crunch : a critical situation that arises because of a shortage (as a shortage of time or money or resources). Hornets' Nest : a highly contentious or hazardous situation.

4 of 4) Situation, Berth, Billet, Office, Place, Position, Post, Spot : اسامی : (noun) a job in an organization.

Related : Occupation : the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money. Academicianship : the position of member of an honorary academy. Accountantship : the position of accountant.

Situation in Book Titles

The Situation in Logic.
Situation Theory and Its Applications.
Regional Dimensions of the Ageing SituationThe Upper Berth.

Useful Words

Circumstance : صورت حال : a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity.

Combination : ملاپ : a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities.

Condition, Status : حالت : a state at a particular time. "I have very strange condition".

Bump, Chance, Encounter, Find, Happen : اتفاقیہ مل جانا : come upon, as if by accident; meet with. "We find this idea in Plato".

Full General, General : اعلی افسر : a general officer of the highest rank.

Given, Precondition, Presumption : مفروضہ : an assumption that is taken for granted.

Lay, Place, Pose, Position, Put, Set : رکھنا : put into a certain place or abstract location. "Where do I put it ?".

State : حالت : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Overthinking ruined his mental state".

Thing : بات : a statement regarded as an object. "Do I say one thing?".

Time : وقت : a period of time considered as a resource under your control and sufficient to accomplish something. "What time do you get off of work?".

Which : کونسا : interrogatively. "Which matter?".

Ourselves, Ourself, Myself, Himself, Herself, Oneself, Themself, Yourself, Themselves : اپنا : Used as a reflexive. "God help those who help themselves".

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