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Size meaning in Urdu

Size Sentence

A wolf is about the size of a large dog.

Size Definitions

1) Size : حجم, قد, قامت : (noun) the physical magnitude of something (how big it is).


Size in Idioms

All Of A Size : All of the same size.

Useful Words

Swell : بڑھنا , Big : وسیع , Involution : انحطاط , Grand : وسیع و عریض , Sized : مخصوص سائز کا , Circumference : گھیر , Cramped : سکڑنا , Distance : فاصلہ , Scale : ناپنا , Minor : چھوٹا , Diminutiveness : بہت چھوٹا ہونے کی کیفیت , Micro-Organism : جاندار شے جو صرف خوردبین سے دیکھی جا سکتی ہو , Hulking : بڑی جسامت , Puny : چھوٹا , Scrawny : غیر کامل نمو والا , Adjustment : تبدیلی , Giant : بڑی جسامت کا , Fit : چست ہونا , Lesser : کم تر , Bulky : زیادہ , Ample : وافر , Magnification : کسی چیز کو بڑا کرنے کا عمل , Mountainous : پہاڑ کی طرح بڑا , Enormity : وسعت , Commensurate : موافق , Fit : درست ہونا , Modest : مناسب , Massive : وسیع و عریض , Grandness : شان و شوکت , Shrink : سکڑنا , Amplify : بڑھنا

Useful Words Definitions

Swell: increase in size, magnitude, number, or intensity.

Big: above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent.

Involution: reduction in size of an organ or part (as in the return of the uterus to normal size after childbirth).

Grand: large and impressive in physical size or extent.

Sized: having a specified size.

Circumference: the size of something as given by the distance around it.

Cramped: constricted in size.

Distance: size of the gap between two places.

Scale: size or measure according to a scale.

Minor: limited in size or scope.

Diminutiveness: the property of being very small in size.

Micro-Organism: any organism of microscopic size.

Hulking: of great size and bulk.

Puny: (used especially of persons) of inferior size.

Scrawny: inferior in size or quality.

Adjustment: the act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment).

Giant: any creature of exceptional size.

Fit: conform to some shape or size.

Lesser: smaller in size or amount or value.

Bulky: of large size for its weight.

Ample: more than enough in size or scope or capacity.

Magnification: the act of expanding something in apparent size.

Mountainous: like a mountain in size and impressiveness.

Enormity: vastness of size or extent.

Commensurate: corresponding in size or degree or extent.

Fit: be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired.

Modest: not large but sufficient in size or amount.

Massive: imposing in size or bulk or solidity.

Grandness: splendid or imposing in size or appearance.

Shrink: decrease in size, range, or extent.

Amplify: increase in size, volume or significance.

Related Words

Magnitude : وسعت , Little : صغیر