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Skidder meaning in Urdu

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1) Skidder, Slider, Slipper : پھسلنے والا : (noun) a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction.


Useful Words

Bowline : مضبوط گرہ , Insured : بیمہ دار , Bootee : ایک قسم کا ہلکا جوتا , Snow Tire : برف پر چلنے کے لیے تیار کیا ہوا ٹائر , Salt Depletion : نمک کی جسم میں کمی , Cog Railway : شکنجہ ریل پٹڑی , Alopecia : گنجا پن , Anaesthesia : بے ہوشی , Dieter : بہتر غذا کھانے والا , Default : بلا مقابلہ شکست , Detriment : نقصان , Shipwreck : تباہی , Aboulia : قوت ارادی کا خاتمہ , Give : نذر کرنا , Hard-Of-Hearing : قوت سماعت سے محروم , P&l : نفع اور نقصان , Emasculation : نامردی , Debilitation : کمزوری کا عمل , Weakener : کمزور کرنے والا , Depolarisation : مقناطیسیت , Health Insurance : صحت کا بیمہ , Acroanaesthesia : سن , Failure : کام کرنا چھوڑنا , Impunity : سزا سے چھٹکارا , Indemnity : نقصان سے حفاظت , Asthenia : کمزوری , Shrink : سکڑنا , Write Off : منہا کرنا , Regret : افسوس کرنا , Recoup : تلافی کرنا , Break Even : نفع ہونا نہ نقصان

Useful Words Definitions

Bowline: a loop knot that neither slips nor jams.

Insured: a person whose interests are protected by an insurance policy; a person who contracts for an insurance policy that indemnifies him against loss of property or life or health etc.

Bootee: a slipper that is soft and wool (for babies).

Snow Tire: an automobile pneumatic tire with deep tread to give traction in snow.

Salt Depletion: loss of salt from the body without replacement (loss by vomiting or profuse perspiration or urination or diarrhea) thus upsetting the electrolyte balance.

Cog Railway: railway for steep mountains; a cogwheel on the locomotive engages cogs on a center rail to provide traction.

Alopecia: loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers; in humans it can result from heredity or hormonal imbalance or certain diseases or drugs and treatments (chemotherapy for cancer).

Anaesthesia: loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness.

Dieter: a "dieter" is a person who actively adheres to a particular dietary regimen, frequently with the aim of weight loss, enhancing health, or fulfilling other nutritional goals. Dieters usually make deliberate food choices and might track calorie consumption or limit specific food categories as part of their diet strategy.

Default: loss due to not showing up.

Detriment: a damage or loss.

Shipwreck: an irretrievable loss.

Aboulia: a loss of will power.

Give: endure the loss of.

Hard-Of-Hearing: having a hearing loss.

P&l: Profit And Loss.

Emasculation: loss of power and masculinity.

Debilitation: serious weakening and loss of energy.

Weakener: that which weakens or causes a loss of strength.

Depolarisation: a loss of polarity or polarization.

Health Insurance: insurance against loss due to ill health.

Acroanaesthesia: loss of sensation in the extremities.

Failure: loss of ability to function normally.

Impunity: exemption from punishment or loss.

Indemnity: protection against future loss.

Asthenia: an abnormal loss of strength.

Shrink: wither, as with a loss of moisture.

Write Off: concede the loss or worthlessness of something or somebody.

Regret: feel sad about the loss or absence of.

Recoup: reimburse or compensate (someone), as for a loss.

Break Even: make neither profit nor loss.

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