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Skipper meaning in Urdu

Skipper Sentences

The skipper of boat asked for help in deep sea.
Something must be wrong if the skipper is worried.

Skipper Synonyms


Skipper Definitions

1 of 2) Skipper, Captain : کپتان : (noun) The captain of a side in a game or sport.

2 of 2) Skipper, Captain, Master, Sea Captain : جہاز کا کپتان : (noun) an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship.

Useful Words

Captaincy : کپتانی , 1st Lieutenant : فوجی افسر , Major : فوجی میجر , Commodore : بحریہ کا افسر , Encounter : کھیل میں مقابلہ کرنا , Playing : کھیلنے کا عمل , Quoit : نشانہ باز چکی , Curassow : فیل مرغ , Row House : ایک ہی قطار میں بنے ہوئے مکانات میں سے کوئی ایک , Blinder : چشم بند , Left : بائیں جانب , Hobble : ٹانگیں باندھنا , Gyrostabiliser : توازن گر , Chunk : ترتیب دینا , Row : صف , Act Superior : آقا کی طرح پیش آنا , Compere : میزبانی کرنا , Mastership : ہنرمندی , Shake : ڈگمگانہ , Appose : پہلو بہ پہلو رکھنا , Collocate : ساتھ ساتھ آنا , Hold Sway : اثر رکھنا , Master In Business : ایم بی اے , Am : سند , Master Of Fine Arts : فائن آرڑ کی ڈگری , Caesar : قیصر , Mistress : منتظمہ , Masterfully : ماہرانہ انداز سے , Master : ماسٹر کی ڈگری , Collateral : پہلو بہ پہلو , Apposition : پہلو بہ پہلو رکھنے کا عمل

Useful Words Definitions

Captaincy: the post of captain.

1st Lieutenant: a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines ranking above a 2nd lieutenant and below a captain.

Major: a commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines; below lieutenant colonel and above captain.

Commodore: a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a captain and below a rear admiral; the lowest grade of admiral.

Encounter: contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle.

Playing: the action of taking part in a game or sport or other recreation.

Quoit: game equipment consisting of a ring of iron or circle of rope used in playing the game of quoits.

Curassow: large crested arboreal game bird of warm parts of the Americas having long legs and tails; highly esteemed as game and food.

Row House: a house that is one of a row of identical houses situated side by side and sharing common walls.

Blinder: blind consisting of a leather eyepatch sewn to the side of the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on either side.

Left: location near or direction toward the left side; i.e. the side to the north when a person or object faces east.

Hobble: strap the foreleg and hind leg together on each side (of a horse) in order to keep the legs on the same side moving in unison.

Gyrostabiliser: a stabilizer consisting of a heavy gyroscope that spins on a vertical axis; reduces side-to-side rolling of a ship or plane.

Chunk: group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side.

Row: an arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line.

Act Superior: act like the master of.

Compere: act as a master of ceremonies.

Mastership: the skill of a master.

Shake: causing to move repeatedly from side to side.

Appose: place side by side or in close proximity.

Collocate: have a strong tendency to occur side by side.

Hold Sway: be master; reign or rule.

Master In Business: a master`s degree in business.

Am: a master's degree in arts and sciences.

Master Of Fine Arts: a master`s degree in fine arts.

Caesar: conqueror of Gaul and master of Italy (100-44 BC).

Mistress: a woman master who directs the work of others.

Masterfully: in a skillfully masterful manner; with the skill of a master.

Master: someone who holds a master's degree from academic institution.

Collateral: situated or running side by side.

Apposition: the act of positioning close together (or side by side).

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