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Slackness   Meaning in Urdu

1. Slackness - Inanition - Lassitude - Lethargy : کمزوری - غذا نہ ملنے کے باعث لاغر ہونا : (noun) weakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy.

Weakness - the property of lacking physical or mental strength; liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain.

2. Slackness - Slack : ڈھیل : (noun) the quality of being loose (not taut).

He hadn't counted on the slackness of the rope.

Looseness, Play - movement or space for movement.

3. Slackness - Laxity - Laxness - Remissness : ڈھیلے پن سے - غفلت : (noun) the quality of being lax and neglectful.

Neglect, Neglectfulness, Negligence - the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern.

Useful Words

Energy - Free Energy : توانائی : (physics) a thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs. "Energy can take a wide variety of forms"

Deficiency - Lack - Want : کمی : the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable. "What is lacking in me?"

Loose : ڈھیلا ڈھالا : not tight; not closely constrained or constricted or constricting. "Loose clothing"

Non - Not : نہیں : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that"

Character - Lineament - Quality : خوبی : a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something. "What quality does it possess ?"

Taut - Tight : کھچاہوا سخت : pulled or drawn tight. "Taut sails"

Verve - Vitality : جوش : an energetic style.

Weakness : کمزوری : a penchant for something even though it might not be good for you. "Bano, you are my weakness"

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