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1) Sleepy, Sleepy-Eyed, Sleepyheaded : نیند آنا : (satellite adjective) ready to fall asleep.

Sleepy pet.
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Useful Words

Drowsiness : اونگھ , Sleepyhead : اکثر نیند میں رہنے والا , Sleepily : اونگھتے ہوۓ , Sandman : پری کہانیوں کا ایک خیالی کردار جو بچوں کو سلانے کے لیے استعمال ہوتا ہے , Zonk Out : فوری طور پر سوجانا , Stumble : ٹھوکر کھانا , Dozy : اونگھ , Noctambulation : نیند میں چلنے کی حالت , Sleep Talking : سوتے میں بولنے کا عمل , Bed Wetter : بستر پر پیشاب کرنے والا , Hypnopedia : سونے کے دوران تعلیم حاصل کرنے کا عمل , Unconscious : بے ہوش , Lemur : ایک قسم کا بندر نما چھوٹا جانور , Houri : جنت کی حور , Black-Eyed Susan : گھنٹے بھر کا پھول , Ayr : کیا آپ تیار ہو , Mobilise : جنگ کے لئے تیار کرنا , At The Ready : تیار , Prompt : مستعد , Functional : قابل استعمال , Docile : تعلیم پذیر , Unserviceable : ناکا رہ , Brood Hen : انڈوں پر بیٹھنے والی مرغی , Flash Point : تشدد کا مقام , Lay Out : تیار کرنا , Marshal : حرکت میں لانا , Stand By : تیار رہنا , Delicatessen : تیار کھانے کی چیز , Put On : چڑھنا , Cashable : کیش ہونے کے لائق , Battleful : پھڈے باز

Useful Words Definitions

Drowsiness: a very sleepy state.

Sleepyhead: a sleepy person.

Sleepily: in a sleepy manner.

Sandman: an elf in fairy stories who sprinkles sand in children's eyes to make them sleepy.

Zonk Out: fall asleep fast, as when one is extremely tired.

Stumble: miss a step and fall or nearly fall.

Dozy: half asleep.

Noctambulation: walking by a person who is asleep.

Sleep Talking: uttering speech while asleep.

Bed Wetter: someone suffering from enuresis; someone who urinates while asleep in bed.

Hypnopedia: teaching during sleep (as by using recordings to teach a foreign language to someone who is asleep).

Unconscious: not conscious; lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception as if asleep or dead.

Lemur: large-eyed arboreal prosimian having foxy faces and long furry tails.

Houri: (Islam) one of the dark-eyed virgins of perfect beauty believed to live with the blessed in Paradise.

Black-Eyed Susan: annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers; Old World tropics; naturalized as a weed in North America.

Ayr: Are You Ready?.

Mobilise: get ready for war.

At The Ready: ready for immediate use.

Prompt: ready and willing or quick to act.

Functional: fit or ready for use or service.

Docile: ready and willing to be taught.

Unserviceable: not ready for service.

Brood Hen: a domestic hen ready to brood.

Flash Point: point at which something is ready to blow up.

Lay Out: get ready for a particular purpose or event.

Marshal: make ready for action or use.

Stand By: be available or ready for a certain function or service.

Delicatessen: ready-to-eat food products.

Put On: put on the stove or ready for cooking.

Cashable: able to be converted into ready money or the equivalent.

Battleful: having or showing a ready disposition to fight.

Related Words

Asleep : نیند کی حالت میں

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A Seed Is Sleepy.
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
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