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1 of 2) Slipper, Carpet Slipper : چپل : (noun) low footwear that can be slipped on and off easily; usually worn indoors.

She wears branded slippers.

Related : Bootie : a slipper that is soft and wool (for babies).

2 of 2) Slipper, Skidder, Slider : پھسلنے والا : (noun) a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction.

Related : Soul : a human being.

Slipper in Book Titles

Hunt the Slipper.
Shattering the Glass Slipper.
Nancy Drew 32: The Scarlet Slipper Mystery.

Useful Words

Because : کیونکہ : For the reason that. "I bought this painting because it`s so nice".

Can, Dismiss, Displace, Fire, Force Out, Give Notice, Give The Axe, Give The Sack, Sack, Send Away, Terminate : برطرف کرنا : terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position. "The boss fired his secretary today".

Easily, Easy : آسانی کے ساتھ : with ease (`easy` is sometimes used informally for `easily`). "I get scared pretty easily".

Indoor : اندرونی : located, suited for, or taking place within a building. "Indoor activities for a rainy day".

Loss : نقصان : something that is lost. "What is your loss?".

Low : کم : less than normal in degree or intensity or amount. "Very low prices".

Bump Off, Dispatch, Hit, Murder, Off, Polish Off, Remove, Slay : قتل کرنا : kill intentionally and with premeditation. "The two were friends, but one friend slain the other for the sake of a girl".

Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul : شخص : a human being. "Every individual was gone through corona test before passing the immigration".

Skid, Slew, Slide, Slip, Slue : پھسلنا : move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner. "The wheels skidded against the sidewalk".

Slip, Steal : چوری چھپے لے لینا : move stealthily. "The ship slipped away in the darkness".

Adhesive Friction, Grip, Traction : کھنچاوٴ : the friction between a body and the surface on which it moves (as between an automobile tire and the road).

Commonly, Normally, Ordinarily, Unremarkably, Usually : عام طور پر : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late".

Worn : فرسودہ : affected by wear; damaged by long use. "Worn threads on the screw".

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