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One of the most hideous sights is a slovenly woman at the breakfast table.

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Courting : محبت , Divorcee : مطلقہ , Feminine : عورتوں کا , Slouch : بے ہنگم طریقے سے چلنا , Blowsy : پہوہڑ پن سے , Granny : بوڑھی عورت , Old Woman : بوڑھی عورت , Jewess : یہودی عورت , Vestal : پاک دامن عورت , Gravida : حاملہ عورت , Fancy Man : آشنا , Adulteress : زانیہ , Sculptress : خاتون مجسمہ ساز , Dame : اعلی خاتون , Poetess : شاعرہ , Ex : سابقہ بیوی , Airwoman : ہوا باز خاتون , Mayoress : خاتون میئر , Authoress : مصنفہ , Shepherdess : رکہوالی کرنے والی , Dulcinea : محبوبہ , Wardress : قیدیوں کی عورت نگران , Unfeminine : عورتوں کے لئے نامناسب , Fille : لڑکی , Duenna : محافظ استانی , Ex : سابقہ شوہر , Bust : چھاتی , Ancestress : دادی پر دادی , She-Devil : ظالم عورت , Career Girl : روزگار کے لیے ہر چیز قربان کرنے والی لڑکی , Taskmistress : مشقت گیرنی

Useful Words Definitions

Courting: a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage).

Divorcee: a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband.

Feminine: befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman.

Slouch: walk slovenly.

Blowsy: characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women.

Granny: an old woman.

Old Woman: a woman who is old.

Jewess: a woman who is a Jew.

Vestal: a chaste woman.

Gravida: a pregnant woman.

Fancy Man: a woman`s lover.

Adulteress: a woman adulterer.

Sculptress: a woman sculptor.

Dame: a woman of refinement.

Poetess: a woman poet.

Ex: a woman who was formerly a particular man`s wife.

Airwoman: a woman aviator.

Mayoress: a woman mayor.

Authoress: a woman author.

Shepherdess: a woman shepherd.

Dulcinea: a woman who is a man`s sweetheart.

Wardress: a woman warder.

Unfeminine: not suitable for a woman.

Fille: a young woman.

Duenna: a woman chaperon.

Ex: a man who was formerly a certain woman's husband.

Bust: the chest of a woman.

Ancestress: a woman ancestor.

She-Devil: a cruel woman.

Career Girl: a woman who is a careerist.

Taskmistress: a woman taskmaster.

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Pig : بے عقل شخص

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