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1. Smatter, Dabble, Play Around : اناڑی پن سے کام کرنا : (Verb) Work with in an amateurish manner.

She dabbles in astronomy.
He plays around with investments but he never makes any money.

Busy, Occupy - keep busy with.

2. Smatter, Babble, Blather, Blether, Blither : بیوقوفانہ باتیں کرنا - بے تکی باتیں کرنا : (Verb) To talk foolishly.

The two women babbled and crooned at the baby.

Blab, Blabber, Chatter, Clack, Gabble, Gibber, Maunder, Palaver, Piffle, Prate, Prattle, Tattle, Tittle-Tattle, Twaddle - speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly.

3. Smatter : اناڑی پن سے بولنا : (Verb) Speak with spotty or superficial knowledge.

She smatters Russian.

Amateur, Amateurish, Inexpert, Unskilled - غیر پیشہ ور - lacking professional skill or expertise; "a very amateurish job".

Foolishly, Unwisely - بے عقلی سے - without good sense or judgment; "He acted foolishly when he agreed to come".

Manner, Personal Manner - ڈھنگ - a way of acting or behaving; "You don`t have manners to speak ?".

Talk, Talking - بات چیت - an exchange of ideas via conversation; "What are you talking ?".

Work - کام - activity directed toward making or doing something; "Work done or not?".

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