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Soap-Rock meaning in Urdu

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Soap-Rock Definitions

1) Soap-Rock, Soaprock, Soapstone, Steatite : ابرق : (noun) a soft heavy compact variety of talc having a soapy feel; used to make hearths and tabletops and ornaments.

Useful Words

Flower People : انتہائی آزاد خیال لوگ , Green Soap : نرم صابن , Xenolith : کسی چٹان میں پائے جانے والے وہ ٹکڑے جو اس چٹان سے متعلق نہ ہوں , Calc-Tufa : خانہ دار کلسی پتھر , Bath Soap : سنگھار صابن , Rensselaerite : ایک چمکدار پتھر , Rinse : پانی ترانا , Saponaceous : صابون سے مشابہ , Unwashed : پانی سے پاک و صاف نہ کیا ہوا , Lave : غسل کرانا , Rinse : پانی سے صاف کرنا , Lavation : پانی سے دہونے کا عمل , Bar : ٹکیہ , Launder : دھلائی کرنا , Soap Dish : صابن دانی , Mustard Oil : سرسوں کا تیل , Leather Soap : ایک قسم کا ملائم صابن , Scouring : رگڑ کر صاف کرنا , Tallow : صابن وغیرہ بنانے کی چکنائی , Wash : دہونا , Rinse : کھنگالنا , Sal Soda : دہوبی سوڈا , Saponification : صابون سازی , Detergent : صاف کرنے والا , Atomic Number 11 : سوڈیم , Oleic Acid : تیل کا تیزاب , Mineral Vein : چٹان کی پرت , Crushed Rock : روڑی , Rift : دراڑ , Rock 'n' Roll Musician : ہیجانی موسیقی , Gem : قیمتی پتھر

Useful Words Definitions

Flower People: a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s; advocated universal love and peace and communes and long hair and soft drugs; favored acid rock and progressive rock music.

Green Soap: a soft (or liquid) soap made from vegetable oils; used in certain skin diseases.

Xenolith: (geology) a piece of rock of different origin from the igneous rock in which it is embedded.

Calc-Tufa: a soft porous rock consisting of calcium carbonate deposited from springs rich in lime.

Bath Soap: soap used as a toiletry.

Rensselaerite: a kind of soft talc; sometimes used as wood filler.

Rinse: washing lightly without soap.

Saponaceous: resembling or having the qualities of soap.

Unwashed: not cleaned with or as if with soap and water.

Lave: cleanse (one's body) with soap and water.

Rinse: wash off soap or remaining dirt.

Lavation: the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water).

Bar: a block of solid substance (such as soap or wax).

Launder: cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water.

Soap Dish: a bathroom or kitchen fixture for holding a bar of soap.

Mustard Oil: oil obtained from mustard seeds and used in making soap.

Leather Soap: a mild soap for cleansing and conditioning leather.

Scouring: the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water.

Tallow: obtained from suet and used in making soap, candles and lubricants.

Wash: remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent.

Rinse: the removal of soap with clean water in the final stage of washing.

Sal Soda: a sodium salt of carbonic acid; used in making soap powders and glass and paper.

Saponification: a chemical reaction in which an ester is heated with an alkali (especially the alkaline hydrolysis of a fat or oil to make soap).

Detergent: a cleansing agent that differs from soap but can also emulsify oils and hold dirt in suspension.

Atomic Number 11: a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group; occurs abundantly in natural compounds (especially in salt water); burns with a yellow flame and reacts violently in water; occurs in sea water and in the mineral halite (rock salt).

Oleic Acid: a colorless oily liquid occurring as a glyceride; it is the major fatty acid in olive oil and canola oil; used in making soap and cosmetics and ointments and lubricating oils.

Mineral Vein: a layer of ore between layers of rock.

Crushed Rock: rock fragments and pebbles.

Rift: a narrow fissure in rock.

Rock 'n' Roll Musician: a performer or composer or fan of rock music.

Gem: a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry.