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Soapbox meaning in Urdu

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Soapbox Definitions

1) Soapbox, Ambo, Dais, Podium, Pulpit, Rostrum, Stump : منبر, خطبہ گاہ : (noun) a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it.

Useful Words

Dump Truck : لدو ٹرک , Personality : شخصیت , Elevator : لفٹ , High Table : اعلی میز , El : بجلی سے چلنے والی ٹرین , Assign : ذمے کرنا , Air : احساس , Coronary : دل کے گرد تاج نما رگیں , Absolute Threshold : احساس کی کم از کم حد , Allow : ایک طرف کرنا , Commit : وقف کرنا , Churl : کنجوس انسان , Horizontal Combination : انضمام , Resurgence : حیات نو , Special : خاص ڈش , Featured : نمایاں , Cheekbone : آنکھ کے نیچے کی ہڈی , Accentuation : زور ڈال کر اظہار کرنا , Accent : زور , Gcse : برطانوی ثانوی تعلیم سند , List : فہرست بنانا , A Level : اعلی ثانوی مضمون , Catwalk : تنگ سڑک , Bandstand : اسٹیج , Dock : اسٹیشن , Launch Area : میزائل چلانے کی جگہ , Scaffold : پھانسی دینے کی جگہ , Raft : بیڑا , Dock : بندرگاہ , Medium : ارد گرد کا ماحول , Air : فضا

Useful Words Definitions

Dump Truck: truck whose contents can be emptied without handling; the front end of the platform can be pneumatically raised so that the load is discharged by gravity.

Personality: a person of considerable prominence.

Elevator: lifting device consisting of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft in order to move people from one floor to another in a building.

High Table: a dining table in a dining-hall raised on a platform; seats are reserved for distinguished persons.

El: a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level.

Assign: give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person).

Air: a distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing.

Coronary: surrounding like a crown (especially of the blood vessels surrounding the heart).

Absolute Threshold: the lowest level of stimulation that a person can detect.

Allow: give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause.

Commit: give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause.

Churl: a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend.

Horizontal Combination: absorption into a single firm of several firms involved in the same level of production and sharing resources at that level.

Resurgence: bringing again into activity and prominence.

Special: a dish or meal given prominence in e.g. a restaurant.

Featured: made a feature or highlight; given prominence.

Cheekbone: the arch of bone beneath the eye that forms the prominence of the cheek.

Accentuation: the use or application of an accent; the relative prominence of syllables in a phrase or utterance.

Accent: the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch).

Gcse: O Level, short for "Ordinary Level," is an internationally recognized qualification typically taken by students around the age of 16. It is offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education, a part of the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with various educational institutions worldwide.

List: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of.

A Level: A Level refers to an advanced level qualification typically taken by students in the United Kingdom and several other countries. It is considered a higher secondary education qualification and serves as a progression from the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or equivalent.

Catwalk: narrow platform extending out into an auditorium.

Bandstand: a platform where a (brass) band can play in the open air.

Dock: a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded.

Launch Area: a platform from which rockets or space craft are launched.

Scaffold: a platform from which criminals are executed (hanged or beheaded).

Raft: a flat float (usually made of logs or planks) that can be used for transport or as a platform for swimmers.

Dock: a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats.

Medium: the surrounding environment.

Air: the mass of air surrounding the Earth.

Related Words

Platform : چبوترا

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