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Sob Sister   Meaning in Urdu

1. Sob Sister : جذباتی خبریں دینے والا صحافی : (noun) a journalist who specializes in sentimental stories.

Sob sister reported new sentimental story.

Journalist - a writer for newspapers and magazines.

Useful Words

Journalist : صحافی : a writer for newspapers and magazines.

Bathetic - Drippy - Hokey - Kitschy - Maudlin - Mawkish - Mushy - Schmaltzy - Schmalzy - Sentimental - Slushy - Soppy - Soupy : بہت جذباتی : effusively or insincerely emotional. "A bathetic novel now in market"

Narrow - Narrow Down - Specialise - Specialize : کا ماہر ہونا : become more focus on an area of activity or field of study. "She specializes in Near Eastern history"

Narration - Narrative - Story - Tale : افسانہ : a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program. "Recite the story"