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Somatic meaning in Urdu

Somatic Sentence

A somatic symptom or somatic illness.

Somatic Synonyms


Somatic Definitions

1) Somatic, Bodily, Corporal, Corporeal : جسمانی : (satellite adjective) affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit.

Useful Words

Outwardness : ظاہری پن , Pain : درد کا احساس , Physical : مادی , Acetylcholine : کلورین کی قسم , Zeitgeist : کسی خاص دار کا جذبہ , Spiritual : روحانی , Organic : عضوی , Esprit : زندہ دلی , Animal Nature : فطرت حیوانی , Psychic : دماغی , Articular : جوڑوں سے متعلق , Health : طبیعت , Anguish : شدید بے چینی , Unhealthy : غیر صحت بخش , Healthful : صحت بخش , Western : مغربی , Secular : دنیاوی , Healthy : تندرست , Hoenir : بدھو دیوتا , Python : بہوت پریت , Cachexia : کمزوری , Yoga : ہندو فلسفے میں ذہن قابو کرنے کی مشق , Beating : پٹائی , Echography : بالاصوت کے اطلاق سے مرعی عکس کی پیدا وار , Lance Corporal : لانس نائیک , Bearing : انداز , Staff Sergeant : بری فوج کا ایک کمیشنڈ افسر جو سارجنٹ سے بڑا ہوتا ھے , Republican : جمہوریہ سے متعلق , Haemoglobin : آکسیجن کو خون میں ملانے والا ایک مادہ , Joint : مشترکہ , Superficial : سطحی

Useful Words Definitions

Outwardness: concern with outward things or material objects as opposed to the mind and spirit.

Pain: a somatic sensation of acute discomfort.

Physical: involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit.

Acetylcholine: a neurotransmitter that is a derivative of choline; released at the ends of nerve fibers in the somatic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Zeitgeist: the spirit of the time; the spirit characteristic of an age or generation.

Spiritual: concerned with or affecting the spirit or soul.

Organic: involving or affecting physiology or bodily organs.

Esprit: liveliness of mind or spirit.

Animal Nature: the physical (or animal) side of a person as opposed to the spirit or intellect.

Psychic: affecting or influenced by the human mind.

Articular: relating to or affecting the joints of the body.

Health: the general condition of body and mind.

Anguish: extreme distress of body or mind.

Unhealthy: not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind.

Healthful: conducive to good health of body or mind.

Western: relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts.

Secular: characteristic of or devoted to the temporal world as opposed to the spiritual world.

Healthy: having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease.

Hoenir: (Norse mythology) one of the Aesir having a strong and beautiful body but a dull mind.

Python: a soothsaying spirit or a person who is possessed by such a spirit.

Cachexia: any general reduction in vitality and strength of body and mind resulting from a debilitating chronic disease.

Yoga: a system of exercises practiced as part of the Hindu discipline to promote control of the body and mind.

Beating: the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows.

Echography: using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram); commonly used to observe fetal growth or study bodily organs.

Lance Corporal: an enlisted man in the marine corps ranking above a private first class and below a corporal.

Bearing: characteristic way of bearing one's body.

Staff Sergeant: a noncommissioned officer ranking above corporal and below sergeant first class in the Army or Marines or above airman 1st class in the Air Force.

Republican: having the supreme power lying in the body of citizens entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them or characteristic of such government.

Haemoglobin: a hemoprotein composed of globin and heme that gives red blood cells their characteristic color; function primarily to transport oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues.

Joint: affecting or involving two or more.

Superficial: of, affecting, or being on or near the surface.

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