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Somebody meaning in Urdu

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Somebody Definitions

1) Somebody, Individual, Mortal, Person, Someone, Soul : شخص, انسان : (noun) a human being.

Somebody in Idioms

Make A Monkey Out Of Somebody : To do stupid or ridiculous activity.

Useful Words

Head : شخص , Self : شخصیت , Psyche : روح , Part : حصہ , Mortality : فانی ہونے کی حالت , Anthropophagite : آدم خور , Achilles' Heel : دکھتی رگ , Descent : خونی رشتہ , Gladiator : شمشیر زن , Capital : سرمایہ , Execution : قتل , Anthropophagy : آدم خوری , Superhuman : فوق البشر , Anthropology : انسان کا مطالعہ , Homicide : انسان کا قتل , Subhuman : انسانی نسل سے کم تر , Sweetheart : دلربا , Individualism : انفرادیت , Ancestry : نسل , Stranger : اجنبی , Idiosyncratic : انوکھا , Several : الگ الگ , Address : بات کرنے کا سلیقہ , Pigmy : بونا , Custom : مرضی کے مطابق , Communally : گروہی طور پر , Aftermath : نتیجہ , Tea Bag : چائے کی مسام دار تھیلی , Personal Income : ذاتی کمائی , Exchequer : محکمہ خزانہ , Impersonal : غیر ذاتی

Useful Words Definitions

Head: an individual person.

Self: a person considered as a unique individual.

Psyche: the immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life.

Part: assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group.

Mortality: the quality or state of being mortal.

Anthropophagite: a person who eats human flesh.

Achilles' Heel: a seemingly small but actual mortal weakness.

Descent: the kinship relation between an individual and the individual's progenitors.

Gladiator: (ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat.

Capital: wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value.

Execution: unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being.

Anthropophagy: human cannibalism; the eating of human flesh.

Superhuman: above or beyond the human or demanding more than human power or endurance.

Anthropology: anthropology is the social science that investigates the origins and social relationships of human beings, encompassing various aspects of human life, culture, and evolution.

Homicide: the killing of a human being by another human being.

Subhuman: less than human or not worthy of a human being.

Sweetheart: any well-liked individual.

Individualism: the quality of being individual.

Ancestry: the descendants of one individual.

Stranger: an individual that one is not acquainted with.

Idiosyncratic: peculiar to the individual.

Several: distinct and individual.

Address: the manner of speaking to another individual.

Pigmy: an unusually small individual.

Custom: made according to the specifications of an individual.

Communally: by a group of people rather than an individual.

Aftermath: the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual.

Tea Bag: a measured amount of tea in a bag for an individual serving of tea.

Personal Income: the income received by a single individual.

Exchequer: the funds of a government or institution or individual.

Impersonal: not relating to or responsive to individual persons.

Related Words

Being : ہستی , Anatomy : جسم , People : لوگ , Adult : بالغ , Adventurer : جواری , Anomaly : غیر معمولی شخص , Applicant : امید وار

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