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Sooth meaning in Urdu

Sooth Sentence

In sooth.

Sooth Definitions

1) Sooth : حقیقی, حقیقت : (noun) truth or reality.


Useful Words

Genuinely : واقعی , Acknowledge : تسلیم کرنا , Ostrich : حقیقت سے انکار کرنے والا , At Bottom : حقیقت میں , Happen : حقیقت ثابت ہونا , Exaggeration : مبالغہ , As A Matter Of Fact : حقیقت میں , Real : حقیقی , Indeed : واقعی , Verily : واقعی , Truthfully : سچائی کے ساتھ , Materialisation : مادی وجود میں آنا , Fantasy : خواب , Delusive : پرفریب , The True : حقیقت , Contradict : حق کی تردید کرنا , Admission : اعتراف , Disbelief : یقین کے بارے میں شک ہونا , Verify : تصدیق کرنا , Gospel : ناقابل بحث سچ , Convincing : قائل کرنے والا , Truism : مسلمہ حقیقت , False : باطل , True : سچ , Amplify : مبالغہ آرائی کرنا , Affirmer : دعوی کرنے والا , Correctness : درستگی , Fabrication : جھوٹ بولنا , Veracious : سچ بولنے والا , Idealism : معنویت , Disembody : جسمانیت سے محروم کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Genuinely: in accordance with truth or fact or reality.

Acknowledge: declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of.

Ostrich: a person who refuses to face reality or recognize the truth (a reference to the popular notion that the ostrich hides from danger by burying its head in the sand).

At Bottom: in reality.

Happen: come into being; become reality.

Exaggeration: greater than reality.

As A Matter Of Fact: in reality or actuality.

Real: coinciding with reality.

Indeed: used to emphasize the reality of something.

Verily: in truth; certainly.

Truthfully: with truth.

Materialisation: the process of coming into being; becoming reality.

Fantasy: imagination unrestricted by reality.

Delusive: inappropriate to reality or facts.

The True: conformity to reality or actuality.

Contradict: deny the truth of.

Admission: an acknowledgment of the truth of something.

Disbelief: doubt about the truth of something.

Verify: confirm the truth of.

Gospel: an unquestionable truth.

Convincing: causing one to believe the truth of something.

Truism: an obvious truth.

False: not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality.

True: consistent with fact or reality; not false.

Amplify: to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth.

Affirmer: someone who claims to speak the truth.

Correctness: conformity to fact or truth.

Fabrication: the deliberate act of deviating from the truth.

Veracious: habitually speaking the truth.

Idealism: (philosophy) the philosophical theory that ideas are the only reality.

Disembody: free from a body or physical form or reality.

Related Words

Truthfulness : صدق گوئی

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