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Soprano meaning in Urdu

Soprano Definitions

1) Soprano : زنانہ گانے والی : (noun) a female singer.


Useful Words

Castrato : مرد گانے والا , Mezzo : زنانی آواز , Horne : امریکی فنکار , Diva : عظیم خاتون گاہک , Matriarchate : مادر سرانہ نظام , Baritone : گانے والا , Madrigalist : گیت گانے والا , Chorister : قوال , Folk Singer : خانہ بدوش گانے والا , Artiste : فنکار , Contralto : مدھم آواز میں گانے والی , Hind : ہرنی , Hank Williams : امریکی گلوکار , Hummer : گنگنانے والا , Jackson : مائیکل جیکسن , Queen : بلی , Hen : جوان پرندہ , Check Girl : جانچنے والی , Goddess : دیوی , Jennet : گدھی , Nanny : بھیڑ , Amah : خادمہ , Pen : مادہ بطخ , Comedienne : مزاحیہ اداکارہ , Ewe : بکری , Tigress : مادہ چیتا , Peahen : مورنی , Lioness : شیرنی , Granddaughter : نواسی , Heiress : وارث عورت , Bondmaid : لونڈی

Useful Words Definitions

Castrato: a male singer who was castrated before puberty and retains a soprano or alto voice.

Mezzo: the female singing voice between contralto and soprano.

Horne: United States operatic mezzo-soprano (born 1934).

Diva: a distinguished female operatic singer; a female operatic star.

Matriarchate: a form of social organization in which a female is the family head and title is traced through the female line.

Baritone: a male singer.

Madrigalist: a singer of madrigals.

Chorister: a singer in a choir.

Folk Singer: a singer of folk songs.

Artiste: a public performer (a dancer or singer).

Contralto: a woman singer having a contralto voice.

Hind: a female deer, especially an adult female red deer.

Hank Williams: United States country singer and songwriter (1923-1953).

Hummer: a singer who produces a tune without opening the lips or forming words.

Jackson: United States singer who began singing with his four brothers and later became a highly successful star during the 1980s (born in 1958).

Queen: female cat.

Hen: female bird.

Check Girl: a female checker.

Goddess: a female deity.

Jennet: female donkey.

Nanny: female goat.

Amah: a female domestic.

Pen: female swan.

Comedienne: a female comedian.

Ewe: female sheep.

Tigress: a female tiger.

Peahen: female peafowl.

Lioness: a female lion.

Granddaughter: a female grandchild.

Heiress: a female heir.

Bondmaid: a female slave.

Related Words

Singer : گانے والا

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