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Sozzled   Meaning in Urdu

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Related Words

Adieu - Adios - Arrivederci - Au Revoir - Auf Wiedersehen - Bye - Bye-Bye - Cheerio - Good Day - Good-By - Good-Bye - Goodby - Goodbye - Sayonara - So Long : خدا حافظ : a farewell remark. "He didn`t even say goodbye"

As Yet - Heretofore - Hitherto - So Far - Thus Far - Til Now - Until Now - Up To Now - Yet : ابھی تک : used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time. "He would have come until now"

Useful Words

Drunk - Drunkard - Inebriate - Rummy - Sot - Wino : شرابی : a chronic drinker. "He is the drunkard"

Rattling - Real - Really - Very : بہت زیادہ : used as intensifiers; `real` is sometimes used informally for `really`; `rattling` is informal. "I know your activities very well"

میں تمہارا ہاتھ مانگنے والا ہوں