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1 of 3) Spend, Pass : وقت گزارنا, ضائع ہو جانا : (verb) pass time in a specific way.

Hammad`s friend accompanied him when he was going on a date then Hammad told him to spend time in the shopping mall until I meet the girl.
How are you spending your summer vacation?

Related : Vacation : spend or take a vacation. Serve : spend time in prison or in a labor camp. While Away : spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time.


2 of 3) Spend, Drop, Expend : ادا کرنا, خرچ کرنا : (verb) pay out.

Spend money.

Related : Wipe Out : use up (resources or materials). Waste : spend extravagantly. Afford : be able to spare or give up.

3 of 3) Spend : خرچ کردینا : (verb) spend completely.

I spend my pocket money in two days.

Related : Wipe Out : use up (resources or materials). Overspend : spend more than available of (a budget).

Useful Words

Make, Make Water, Micturate, Pass Water, Pee, Pee-Pee, Piddle, Piss, Puddle, Relieve Oneself, Spend A Penny, Take A Leak, Urinate, Wee, Wee-Wee : پیشاب کرنا : eliminate urine. "Micturate in medical terminology".

Scattergood, Spend-All, Spender, Spendthrift : فضول خرچ : someone who spends money prodigally. "Spendthrift woman".

Get Through, While Away : بوریت کا وقت خوشی سے گزارنا : spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time.

Transit : عبور کرنا : pass across (a sign or house of the zodiac) or pass across (the disk of a celestial body or the meridian of a place). "The comet will transit on September 11".

Grow, Turn : ہوجانا : pass into a condition gradually, take on a specific property or attribute; become. "Its turned dark".

Wear On : آہستہ آہستہ وقت گزرنا : pass slowly (of time). "The day wore on".

Honeymoon : شادی کے بعد کی چھٹیاں منانا : spend a holiday after one`s marriage. "They plan to honeymoon in Goa".

Spot Pass : گیند کو کسی خاص مقام پر پھنچانا : a pass to a designated spot on the field; the receiver should arrive at that spot the same time the ball does.

Piddle, Piddle Away, Trifle, Wanton, Wanton Away : وقت ضائع کرنا : waste time; spend one's time idly or inefficiently.

Filter, Percolate, Permeate, Sink In : گزرنا : pass through. "Water permeates sand easily".

Come About, Fall Out, Go On, Hap, Happen, Occur, Pass, Pass Off, Take Place : واقع ہونا : come to pass. "It has happened as feared".

Deliver, Render, Return : دینا : pass down. "Render a verdict".

Draw, Guide, Pass, Run : دوڑانا : pass over, across, or through. "He ran his eyes over her body".

Relay : پہنچانا : pass along. "Please relay the news to the people".

Elapse, Glide By, Go Along, Go By, Lapse, Pass, Slide By, Slip Away, Slip By : گزر جانا : pass by. "The year elapsed".

Make Pass, Pass : گزارنا : cause to pass. "She passed around the plates".

Passage : رستہ : a way through or along which someone or something may pass.

Cut : چیرنا : pass through or across. "The boat cut the water".

Undergo : سہنا : pass through. "The chemical undergoes a sudden change".

Fell, Fly, Vanish : گزرنا : pass away rapidly. "Time flies like an arrow".

Cover, Cross, Cut Across, Cut Through, Get Across, Get Over, Pass Over, Track, Traverse : سفر کرنا : travel across or pass over. "The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day".

Air-Tight, Airtight, Gas-Tight : جس میں ہوا کا گزر نہ ہو : not allowing air or gas to pass in or out.

Break Through, Crack : رکاوٹ عبور کرنا : pass through (a barrier). "Registrations cracked through the 30,000 mark in the county".

Slip, Sneak : خفیہ طریقے سے فراہم کرنا : pass on stealthily. "He slipped me the key when nobody was looking".

Dissolve : حل ہو جانا : pass into a solution. "The sugar quickly dissolved in the coffee".

Lap, Lick : چاٹنا : pass the tongue over. "Lick it!".

Devolve : حوالے کرنا : pass on or delegate to another. "The representative devolved his duties to his aides while he was in the hospital".

Come : ہونا : come to pass; arrive, as in due course. "The first success came three days later".

Pass, Passport : گزرنامہ : any authorization to pass or go somewhere. "How much time it will take for passport ?".

Move Around, Turn : دوسری طرف مڑنا : pass to the other side of. "Turn the corner".

By, Past : پاس سے : so as to pass a given point. "Every hour a train goes past".