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1) Spinal Column, Back, Backbone, Rachis, Spine, Vertebral Column : کمر, ریڑھ کی ہڈی, ریڑھ : (noun) the series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord.

Related : Chine : backbone of an animal. Vertebral Canal : the canal in successive vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes. Tail Bone : the end of the vertebral column in humans and tailless apes.

Useful Words

Agony Column : اخبار کا نجی کالم : a newspaper column devoted to personal problems.

Column : کالم : a line of units following one after another.

Fifth Column, Trojan Horse : وطن دشمن : a subversive group that supports the enemy and engages in espionage or sabotage; an enemy in your midst. "He was trojan horse".

Friedreich's Ataxia, Herediatry Spinal Ataxia : ریڑھ کی ہڈی کی بیماری : sclerosis of the posterior and lateral columns of the spinal cord; characterized by muscular weakness and abnormal gait; occurs in children.

Spinal : ریڑھ کی ہڈی سے متعلق : of or relating to the spine or spinal cord. "Spinal cord".

Accessory Nerve, Eleventh Cranial Nerve, Nervus Accessorius, Spinal Accessory : گلے کی ایک رگ : arises from two sets of roots (cranial and spinal) that unite to form the nerve.

Canalis Vertebralis, Spinal Canal, Vertebral Canal : ریڑھ کی نالی : the canal in successive vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes.

Medulla Spinalis, Spinal Cord : ریڑھ کی ہڈی : a major part of the central nervous system which conducts sensory and motor nerve impulses to and from the brain; a long tubelike structure extending from the base of the brain through the vertebral canal to the upper lumbar region.

Invertebrate, Spineless : بغیر ریڑھ کی ہڈی کے جانور : lacking a backbone or spinal column. "Worms are an example of invertebrate animals".

Axial Skeleton : انسانی ڈھانچے کا بالائی حصہ : the part of the skeleton that includes the skull and spinal column and sternum and ribs.

Myelogram : سپائنل قنال کی ریڈیو گرافی : X-ray film of the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots and subarachnoid space.

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