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Spoken   Meaning in Urdu

1. Spoken, Mouth, Speak, Talk, Utter, Verbalise, Verbalize : بولنا : (Verb) Express in speech.

Yet I spoke.
I speak one time.+ More

Phonate, Vocalise, Vocalize - utter speech sounds.

2. Spoken, Speak, Talk : بات کرنا : (Verb) Exchange thoughts; talk with.

I have to talk to you.
Who you are talking to?+ More

Discourse, Dissertate, Hold Forth - talk at length and formally about a topic.

3. Spoken : زبانی : (Adjective) Uttered through the medium of speech or characterized by speech; sometimes used in combination.

A spoken message.
The spoken language.+ More

Oral, Unwritten - using speech rather than writing.

4. Spoken, Address, Speak : تقریر کرنا - خطاب کرنا : (Verb) Give a speech to.

The chairman addressed the board of trustees.

Blaze Away - speak with fire and passion.

Commutation, Exchange, Substitution - تبادلہ - the act of putting one thing or person in the place of another:; "he sent Smith in for Jones but the substitution came too late to help".

Express, Expressage - تیز ترسیل - rapid transport of goods.

Actor's Line, Speech, Words - بول - words making up the dialogue of a play; "the actor forgot his speech".

Talk, Talking - بات چیت - an exchange of ideas via conversation; "What are you talking ?".

Cerebration, Intellection, Mentation, Thinking, Thought, Thought Process - خیال - the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; "I was just thinking about you".

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