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Springboard 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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Springboard in Detail

1) Springboard : لچک دار تختہ Lachk Dar Takhta : (noun) a flexible board for jumping upward.

Urdu Synonym(s) : غوطہ خوری کا تختہٴ Ghouta Khuri Ka Takhta

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Useful Words

Board Get On : سوار ہونا Sawar Hona : get on board of (trains, buses, ships, aircraft, etc.).

Elastic Flexible Pliable Pliant : اپنے آپ کو حالات کے مطابق ڈھالنا Apnay Aap Ko Halaat Kay Mutabiq Dhalna : able to adjust readily to different conditions. "An adaptable person"

Jumping : پھلانگتے ہوئے Phalangty Hue : the act of participating in an athletic competition in which you must jump.

Up Upward Upwardly Upwards : اوپر کی طرف Uper Ki Taraf : spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position. "Look up!"

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