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Sprint meaning in Urdu

Sprint Synonym


Sprint Definitions

1 of 2) Sprint, Dash : دوڑ : (noun) a quick run.

2 of 2) Sprint : دوڑنا, مقابلے میں دوڑنا : (verb) run very fast, usually for a short distance.

Useful Words

Observant : تیز نظر , Plash : چھینٹیں مارنا , Coup D'oeil : جھلک , Feisty : جلدی ناراض ہوجانے والا , Alert : چست , Agile : ذہین , Apprehensive : جلد سمجھ آنے والا , Hasty : جلد بازی سے , Prompt : مستعد , Smart : تیز , Apt : ذہین , Flip : اچانک ہرکت کرنا , Dart : تیزی سے حرکت میں آنا , Acuity : تیز فہمی , Allegro : تیز اور چاق و چوبند انداز میں , Fast Buck : آسان کمائی , Jab : چبہونا , Lightsomely : تیزی سے , Brightness : ذہانت , Huddle : مجلس مذاکرات , Flick : تھپ تھپانا , Gem : پیالہ نما بسکٹ , Agility : چستی؛ تیزی؛ پھرتی؛ سبک رفتاری , Jab : مکا مارنا , Adroit : ماہر , Throw Back : واپس پھینکنے کا عمل , Hit-And-Run : مارو اور بھاگو , Quickstep : مارچ , Comeback : منہ توڑ جواب , Blistering : بہت تیز , Chasse : مٹک چال

Useful Words Definitions

Observant: quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception.

Plash: dash a liquid upon or against.

Coup D'oeil: a quick look.

Feisty: quick to take offense.

Alert: quick and energetic.

Agile: mentally quick.

Apprehensive: quick to understand.

Hasty: excessively quick.

Prompt: ready and willing or quick to act.

Smart: quick and brisk.

Apt: mentally quick and resourceful.

Flip: a sudden, quick movement.

Dart: a sudden quick movement.

Acuity: a quick and penetrating intelligence.

Allegro: in a quick and lively tempo.

Fast Buck: quick or easy earnings,.

Jab: a quick short straight punch.

Lightsomely: moving with quick light steps.

Brightness: intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty.

Huddle: (informal) a quick private conference.

Flick: touch or hit with a light, quick blow.

Gem: a sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan.

Agility: the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble.

Jab: strike or punch with quick and short blows.

Adroit: quick or skillful or adept in action or thought.

Throw Back: throw back with a quick, light motion.

Hit-And-Run: designed for or consisting of a brief attack followed by a quick escape.

Quickstep: military march accompanying quick time.

Comeback: a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one).

Blistering: very fast; capable of quick response and great speed.

Chasse: (ballet) quick gliding steps with one foot always leading.

Related Words

Run : دوڑ , Run : بھاگنا

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