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Squeeze meaning in Urdu

Squeeze Sentences

Squeeze some lemon in my green tea, please.
She squeezed the bottle.

Squeeze Synonyms

Squeeze Definitions

1 of 11) Squeeze, Squeezing : دبانا, دبانے کا عمل, نچوڑنا : (noun) the act of gripping and pressing firmly.

He gave her cheek a playful squeeze.

2 of 11) Squeeze, Crush, Mash, Squash, Squelch : دبانا, نچوڑنا : (verb) to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition.

Squeeze a lemon.

3 of 11) Squeeze : دبانا : (verb) press firmly.

He squeezed my hand.

4 of 11) Squeeze : بازاری زبان میں ماشوک یا ماشوکہ : (noun) (slang) a person's girlfriend or boyfriend.

She was his main squeeze.

5 of 11) Squeeze, Coerce, Force, Hale, Pressure : دباو ڈالنا, زور ڈالنا : (verb) to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :.

He squeezed her for information.

6 of 11) Squeeze, Wring : نچوڑنا : (noun) a twisting squeeze.

7 of 11) Squeeze, Extort, Gouge, Rack, Wring : بھتہ لینا, زبردستی چھین لینا : (verb) obtain by coercion or intimidation.

They squeezed money from the owner of the business by threatening him.

8 of 11) Squeeze, Clinch, Hug : بغل گیری : (noun) a tight or amorous embrace.

9 of 11) Squeeze, Nip, Pinch, Tweet, Twinge, Twitch : نوچنا : (verb) squeeze tightly between the fingers.

10 of 11) Squeeze, Bosom, Embrace, Hug : بغل گیر ہونا, لپٹنا, گلے لگانا : (verb) squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness.

11 of 11) Squeeze, Compact, Compress, Constrict, Contract, Press : ایک ساتھ دبانا, دبانا, سکیڑنا : (verb) squeeze or press together.

Useful Words

Straiten : تنگ کرنا , Pinch : چٹکی , Clench : دبانا , Tweak : نوچنا , Ream : پھلوں کا رس نکالنا , Wring Out : نچوڑنا , Sandwich : بیچ میں دب جانا , Wring : دبانا , Grasping : گرفت , Strangle : گلا گھونٹ کر مارنا , Quell : دبا دینا , Pair Of Pliers : چمتا , Fruit Crush : پھلوں کا شربت , Squeezer : نچوڑنے والی چیز , Juggernaut : تباہ کن طاقت , Stamp : کچلنا , Juice : رس , Juice Reamer : رس نکالنے والی مشین , Pipe Wrench : پائپ پانا , Press : دبانے کا عمل , Compact : ٹھونسنا , Impression : نقش , Steam Iron : بھاپ استری , Marc : سفل , Deposit : جما کر رکھنا , Ensconce : سکونت پذیر ہونا , Calendered : چمکدار , Entrench : حفاظت کے لئے مورچہ بند ہونا , Declare : بیان کرنا , Fasten : جمانا , Implant : ذہن نشین کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Straiten: squeeze together.

Pinch: a squeeze with the fingers.

Clench: squeeze together tightly.

Tweak: pinch or squeeze sharply.

Ream: squeeze the juice out (of a fruit) with a reamer.

Wring Out: extract (liquid) by squeezing or pressing.

Sandwich: insert or squeeze tightly between two people or objects.

Wring: twist, squeeze, or compress in order to extract liquid.

Grasping: the act of gripping something firmly with the hands (or the tentacles).

Strangle: kill by squeezing the throat of so as to cut off the air.

Quell: suppress or crush completely.

Pair Of Pliers: a gripping hand tool with two hinged arms and (usually) serrated jaws.

Fruit Crush: drink produced by squeezing or crushing fruit.

Squeezer: a kitchen utensil for squeezing juice from fruit.

Juggernaut: a massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way.

Stamp: crush or grind with a heavy instrument.

Juice: the liquid part that can be extracted from plant or animal tissue by squeezing or cooking.

Juice Reamer: a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruit.

Pipe Wrench: adjustable wrench for gripping and turning a pipe; has two serrated jaws that are adjusted to grip the pipe.

Press: the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure.

Compact: make more compact by or as if by pressing.

Impression: the act of pressing one thing on or into the surface of another.

Steam Iron: a pressing iron that can emit steam.

Marc: made from residue of grapes or apples after pressing.

Deposit: put (something somewhere) firmly.

Ensconce: fix firmly.

Calendered: (of paper and fabric and leather) having a surface made smooth and glossy especially by pressing between rollers.

Entrench: fix firmly or securely.

Declare: state firmly.

Fasten: cause to be firmly attached.

Implant: put firmly in the mind.

Related Words

Compressing : دباو , Embrace : گلے لگانا , Argot : زبان , Lover : عاشق , Choke : گلا گھونٹنا , Tighten : تن جانا , Clasp : پکڑنا , Grip : پکڑنا , Clinch : بغل گیر ہونا , Cuddle : پیار سے گلے لگانا , Choke : گلا دبانا , Interlock : آپس میں جڑا ہونا , Fleece : زیادہ دام لینا , Bleed : کنگال کر دینا , Act : کام کرنا , Terrorise : دہشت پیدا کرنا , Compel : مجبور کرنا , Bring Oneself : گوارہ کرنا

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