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Squinty meaning in Urdu

Squinty Sentence

He looked with squinty eyes.

Squinty Synonyms


Squinty Definitions

1 of 2) Squinty : بھینگا پن : (adjective) characterized by squinting.

2 of 2) Squinty, Askance, Askant, Asquint, Sidelong, Squint, Squint-Eyed : بھینگا پن, شک کی نظر سے, ترچھی نظر سے : (satellite adjective) (used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy.

Useful Words

Squint : بھینگے پن سے دیکھنا , Acronymic : مخفف میں , Joyous : خوش , Resonant : گونج دار , Affectional : جذبات انگیز , Cruddy : بے ہودہ , Hostile : معاندانہ , Repetitious : تکرار سے بھرپور , Choleric : غضب ناک , Adulterous : زناکار , Brilliant : عظیم الشان , Homosporous : یک جنس , Jocosity : مزاح , Autogamic : خودزواجی کے ذریعے پیدا ہوا , Argumentative : دلیل پر مبنی , Phlegmy : بلغم کا نکلنا , On The Fence : غیر جانب دار , Acidotic : تیزابیت کی زیادتی سے متعلق , Expressive : ترجمانی کرنے والا , Kinetic : حرکت والی , Curvilineal : خم خطی , Assured : یقینی , Single-Mindedness : یک سوئی , Autarchic : آمرانہ , Active : متحرک , Lavish : اچھے طرز کا , Consonant : ہم آہنگ , Ritualistic : رسوم و رواج سے متعلق , Configurational : ترتیبی , Lilting : متوازن انداز سے , Charitable : خیراتی

Useful Words Definitions

Squint: the act of squinting; looking with the eyes partly closed.

Acronymic: characterized by the use of acronyms.

Joyous: full of or characterized by joy.

Resonant: characterized by resonance.

Affectional: characterized by emotion.

Cruddy: characterized by obscenity.

Hostile: characterized by enmity or ill will.

Repetitious: characterized by repetition.

Choleric: characterized by anger.

Adulterous: characterized by adultery.

Brilliant: characterized by grandeur.

Homosporous: characterized by homospory.

Jocosity: fun characterized by humor.

Autogamic: characterized by or fit for autogamy.

Argumentative: given to or characterized by argument.

Phlegmy: characterized by phlegm.

On The Fence: characterized by indecision.

Acidotic: having or being characterized by acidosis.

Expressive: characterized by expression.

Kinetic: characterized by motion.

Curvilineal: characterized by or following a curved line.

Assured: characterized by certainty or security.

Single-Mindedness: characterized by one unified purpose.

Autarchic: of or relating to or characterized by autarchy.

Active: characterized by energetic activity.

Lavish: characterized by extravagance and profusion.

Consonant: involving or characterized by harmony.

Ritualistic: of or characterized by or adhering to ritualism.

Configurational: of or relating to or characterized by configuration.

Lilting: characterized by a buoyant rhythm.

Charitable: relating to or characterized by charity.

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