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Ssp meaning in Urdu

سینیئر سُپریٹینڈیٹ پولیس

Ssp Sentence

SSP Karachi visited the affected area.

Ssp in Detail

1) Ssp : سینیئر سپریٹینڈیٹ پولیس : (acronym) Senior Superintendent Police.

Useful Words

Lowerclassman, Underclassman : ادنی طبقے کا فرد : an undergraduate who is not yet a senior.

Archpriest, Hierarch, High Priest, Prelate, Primate : اونچے درجے کا پادری : a senior clergyman and dignitary. "An archpriest is a head of number of priests".

Dean, Doyen : کسی تنظیم کا رکن : a man who is the senior member of a group. "He is the dean of foreign correspondents".

Doyenne : کسی جماعت کی مقدم رکن عورت : a woman who is the senior member of a group.

Judge Advocate General : نگران قانونی افسر : the senior legal advisor to a branch of the military.

Master Sergeant : بحریہ یا فوج کا افسر : a senior noncommissioned officer in the Army or Marines.

High Commissioner : سفیر : a senior diplomat from one country to another who is assigned ambassadorial rank. "Pakistan summons High Commissioner of India".

Aarp, Association For The Advancement Of Retired Persons : بزرگوں کی فلاحی تنظیم : an association of people to promote the welfare of senior citizens.

Saceur, Supreme Allied Commander Europe : یورپ میں نیٹو اور اے سی ای کا اعلی فوجی افسر : commanding officer of ACE; NATO`s senior military commander in Europe.

High Command, Supreme Headquarters : اعلی قیادت : the highest leaders in an organization (e.g. the commander-in-chief and senior officers of the military). "High command meeting is underway".

Custody : پولس کی تحویل : holding by the police. "The suspect is in custody".

Officer, Police Officer, Policeman : پولیس والا : a member of a police force. "It was an accident, officer".

Posse, Posse Comitatus : وقتی سپاہیوں کا دستہ : a temporary police force.

Black Maria, Paddy Wagon, Patrol Wagon, Police Van, Police Wagon, Wagon : پولیس کی گاڑی جس میں قیدیوں کو لے کر جایا جاتا ہے : van used by police to transport prisoners.

Police Boat : پولیس کی کشتی : a boat used by harbor police.

Lieutenant, Police Lieutenant : پولس افسر : an officer in a police force.

Pupil, School-Age Child, Schoolchild : اسکول جانے والا بچہ : a young person attending school (up through senior high school).

Adjutant, Aide, Aide-De-Camp : ماتحت فوجی : an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer.

Drug Bust, Drugs Bust : غیر قانونی دوائیوں پر پولس کا قبضہ کرنے کا عمل : seizure of illegal drugs by the police.

Detective, Investigator, Police Detective, Tec : خفیہ پولیس کا افسر : a police officer who investigates crimes.

Canary, Fink, Sneak, Sneaker, Snitch, Snitcher, Stool Pigeon, Stoolie, Stoolpigeon : جاسوس : someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police. "Sneaker caught in England".

Cplc : سیٹیزن پولیس لیےزان کمیٹی : Citizen Police Liaison Committee.

Police Dog : جاسوسی کتا : any dog trained to assist police especially in tracking.

Book : جرم درج کرنا : record a charge in a police register. "The policeman booked her when she tried to solicit a man".

Police Academy : پولیس کی اکیڈمی : an academy for training police officers. "He went to police academy".

Constable, Police Constable : پولیس کا نچلے درجے کا سپاہی : a police officer of the lowest rank.

Lockup : حوالات : jail in a local police station.

Mug Shot, Mugshot : چہرے کی تصویر : a photograph of someone`s face (especially one made for police records). "His mugshot will be published soon".

Surveillance : کڑی نگرانی : close observation of a person or group (usually by the police).

New Scotland Yard, Scotland Yard : لندن میں پولیس ہیڈ کوارٹر : the detective department of the metropolitan police force of London.

Committee For State Security, Kgb, Soviet Kgb : سابقہ سویت پولیس : formerly the predominant security police organization of Soviet Russia. "KGB was behind this crackdown".