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Stammerer meaning in Urdu

Stammerer Synonym

Stammerer Definitions

1) Stammerer, Stutterer : ہکلا : (noun) someone who speaks with involuntary pauses and repetitions.


Useful Words

Stammer : تتلانا , Stop : پڑاو , Drill : دہرانا , Inculcate : ذہن نشین کرانا , Prattler : بچوں کی سی باتیں کرنے والا , Whisperer : سرگوشی کرنے والا , Drawler : چبا کر بولنے والا , Linguist : بہت سی زبانیں بولنے والا , Humorist : لطیفہ گو , Mumbler : منھ ہی منھ میں بولنے والا , Bilingual : دو زبانیں بولنے والا شخص , Prophet : رسول , Incontinence : پیشاب وغیرہ پر قابو نہ پاسکنا , Jump : حیرت , Blasphemer : گستاخی کرنے والا , Shudder : کپکپی , Korean : کورین , Ranter : بڑ ہانکنے والا , Sneeze : چھینک , Encopresis : فضلے کا غیر ارادی اخراج , Convulsive : تشنجی , Afrikander : افریکن بولنے والا جنوبی افریقہ کا سفید فام باشندہ , Barrister : قانون دان , Oscitance : جمائی , Festination : رفتار میں غیر ارادی طور پر تیزی جس طرح رعشہ اور فالج کے مریضوں میں دیکھا گیا ہے , Nystagmus : آنکھ کے ڈیلے کا پھڑکنا , Cerebral Palsy : تشنجی فالج , Arab : عرب , Involuntary : غیر ارادی , Hesitate : رکنا , Repeating : نقل

Useful Words Definitions

Stammer: a speech disorder involving hesitations and involuntary repetitions of certain sounds.

Stop: a spot where something halts or pauses.

Drill: systematic training by multiple repetitions.

Inculcate: teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions.

Prattler: someone who speaks in a childish way.

Whisperer: one who speaks in a whisper.

Drawler: someone who speaks with a drawl.

Linguist: a person who speaks more than one language.

Humorist: someone who acts speaks or writes in an amusing way.

Mumbler: a person who speaks softly and indistinctly.

Bilingual: a person who speaks two languages fluently.

Prophet: someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God.

Incontinence: involuntary urination or defecation.

Jump: a sudden involuntary movement.

Blasphemer: a person who speaks disrespectfully of sacred things.

Shudder: an involuntary vibration (as if from illness or fear).

Korean: a native or inhabitant of Korea who speaks the Korean language.

Ranter: someone who rants and raves; speaks in a violent or loud manner.

Sneeze: a symptom consisting of the involuntary expulsion of air from the nose.

Encopresis: involuntary defecation not attributable to physical defects or illness.

Convulsive: affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions; resembling a spasm.

Afrikander: a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans.

Barrister: a British or Canadian lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law on behalf of either the defense or prosecution.

Oscitance: an involuntary intake of breath through a wide open mouth; usually triggered by fatigue or boredom.

Festination: involuntary shortening of stride and quickening of gait that occurs in some diseases (e.g., Parkinson's disease).

Nystagmus: involuntary movements of the eyeballs; its presence or absence is used to diagnose a variety of neurological and visual disorders.

Cerebral Palsy: a loss or deficiency of motor control with involuntary spasms caused by permanent brain damage present at birth.

Arab: a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa.

Involuntary: not subject to the control of the will.

Hesitate: interrupt temporarily an activity before continuing.

Repeating: the act of doing or performing again.

Related Words

Speaker : بولنے والا