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Stampede 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Stampede in Sentence

When he shouted `fire` there was a stampede to the exits.

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Stampede in Detail

1 of 2. افراتفری Afratafri بھگدڑ Bhagdar : Stampede : (noun) a headlong rush of people on a common impulse.

When he shouted `fire` there was a stampede to the exits.

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2 of 2. جانوروں میں بھگدڑ Janwaron Men Bhagdar : Stampede : (noun) a wild headlong rush of frightened animals (horses or cattle).

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Stampede in Book Titles

The Calgary Stampede: A Collection of Vintage Postcards.
Never Shoot a Stampede Queen: A Rookie Reporter in the Cariboo.

Useful Words

Animal Animate Being Beast Brute Creature Fauna : حیوان Haywan : a living organism characterized by voluntary movement. "Get aside, the animal has come"

Common : مشترکہ Mushtarka : belonging to or participated in by a community as a whole; public. "For the common good"

Frightened Scared : خوف زدہ Khof Zadha : made afraid. "The frightened child cowered in the corner street"

Headlong Rashly : بنا سوچے سمجھے Bina Sochay Samjhay : in a hasty and foolhardy manner. "He fell headlong in love"

Equus Caballus Horse : گھوڑا Ghora : solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times. "You can lead a horse to water but you can`t make it drink"

Impulse Urge : تمنا Tamnna : an instinctive motive. "Profound religious impulses"

People : لوگ Log : (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively. "What do I tell people?"

Belt Along Bucket Along Cannonball Along Hasten Hie Hotfoot Pelt Along Race Rush Rush Along Speed Step On It : تیزی سے چلنا Tezi Se Chalna : move fast. "Rush towards Allah"

Crazy Dotty Gaga Wild : کسی کے پیچھے پاگل Kisi Kay Peechay Pagal : intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with. "He is wild about me"

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