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State Socialism meaning in Urdu

State Socialism Definitions

1) State Socialism : ریاستی اشتراکیت : (noun) an economic system in which the government owns most means of production but some degree of private capitalism is allowed.


Useful Words

State Capitalism : سرمایہ داری نظام , Social Democracy : اشتراکی جمہوریت , Communism : اشتراکیت , Colony : بستی , Capitalism : سرمایہ داری نظام , Socialist : اشتراکی , Ultimacy : آخریت , Boom : معاشی ترقی , Denationalisation : نجکاری , Communisation : قومی تحویل میں لینا , Geopolitics : جغرافیائی سیاسیات , Prosperity : ترقی , Gaddafi : قذفی لیبیا کے سابق حکمران , Mercantile System : تجارتی نظام , Governor : صوبے کا حاکم , State Bank : مملکتی بینک , Statehouse : حکومت کی عمارت , Anarchy : انتشار , State : حکومت , Prosecuting Attorney : مدعی , Governmental : حکومتی , Fisc : سرکاری خزانہ , Twilight Sleep : نیم بے ہوشی , Ak : امریکی ریاست الاسکا , Ca : کیلیفونیا , Trance : مدہوشی , Bluegrass State : کینٹوکی , Homelessness : بے گھری , Energy Level : توانائی کی سطح , Cabinet : کابینہ , Reversal : مخالف

Useful Words Definitions

State Capitalism: an economic system that is primarily capitalistic but there is some degree of government ownership of the means of production.

Social Democracy: the belief in a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means.

Communism: a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership.

Colony: a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland; inhabitants remain nationals of their home state but are not literally under the home state`s system of government.

Capitalism: an economic system based on private ownership of capital.

Socialist: a political advocate of socialism.

Ultimacy: the state or degree of being ultimate; the final or most extreme in degree or size or time or distance,.

Boom: a state of economic prosperity.

Denationalisation: changing something from state to private ownership or control.

Communisation: changing something from private to state ownership or control.

Geopolitics: the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state.

Prosperity: an economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment.

Gaddafi: Former libyan leader who seized power in a military coup d`etat in 1969; deposed the Libyan monarchy and imposed socialism and Islamic orthodoxy on the country (born in 1942).

Mercantile System: an economic system (Europe in 18th century) to increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests.

Governor: the head of a state government.

State Bank: a bank chartered by a state rather than by the federal government.

Statehouse: a government building in which a state legislature meets.

Anarchy: a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government).

State: the group of people comprising the government of a sovereign state.

Prosecuting Attorney: a government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state.

Governmental: relating to or dealing with the affairs or structure of government or politics or the state.

Fisc: a state treasury or exchequer or a royal treasury; originally the public treasury of Rome or the emperor`s private purse.

Twilight Sleep: a state of general anesthesia in which the person retains a slight degree of consciousness; can be induced by injection of scopolamine or morphine.

Ak: a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union.

Ca: a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes.

Trance: a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep.

Bluegrass State: a state in east central United States; a border state during the American Civil War; famous for breeding race horses.

Homelessness: the state or condition of having no home (especially the state of living in the streets).

Energy Level: a definite stable energy that a physical system can have; used especially of the state of electrons in atoms or molecules.

Cabinet: persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers.

Reversal: a change from one state to the opposite state.

Related Words

Economic System : نظام معیشت

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