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1) Station Agent, Stationmaster : ریل کے اسٹیشن کا نگران افسر : (noun) the person in charge of a railway station.


Useful Words

Flag Stop : بڑے اسٹیشنوں کے درمیان واقع کوئی چھوٹا ریلوے اسٹیشن , Rectorate : ناظم یا پادری کا دفتر , Channel : ٹی وی چینل , Power Plant : برقی پلانٹ , Humble : کم تر , Filling Station : فلنگ اسٹیشن جہاں گیس بھروائی جاتی ہو , Lockup : حوالات , Inferior : ادنی , Higher-Up : اعلی درجے کا , Dignity : رتبہ , Poll : ووٹ ڈالنا , Sampler : پرکھنے کی جگہ , Outpost : الگ تھلگ مقام , Apanage : فطری لازمہ , Aid Station : جنگی طبی مرکز , Beacon : ریڈیائی مینارہ , Substation : ذیلی اسٹیشن , Depot : گودام , Blotter : پولیس کا روز کا ریکارڈ , Low Status : پستی , Police Headquarters : کسی مرکز یا صدر مقام کے طور پر کام آنے والی عمارت , Hypochlorous Acid : ہائپو کلورس تیزاب , Kickback : رشوت , Estate Agent : جائیداد کی خرید و فروخت کرنے والا , Transmitter : منتقل کرنے والا , Airborne Transmission : ہوائی انتقال , Train Dispatcher : ریل گاڑیوں کے گیراج کا منتظم , Responsible : ذمہ دار , Eliminator : خارج کرنے والا , Impairer : خراب کرنے والا , Shortener : مختصر کرنے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Flag Stop: a small railway station between the principal stations or a station where the train stops only on a signal.

Rectorate: the office or station of a rector.

Channel: a television station and its programs.

Power Plant: an electrical generating station.

Humble: low or inferior in station or quality.

Filling Station: a service station that sells gasoline.

Lockup: jail in a local police station.

Inferior: one of lesser rank or station or quality.

Higher-Up: one of greater rank or station or quality.

Dignity: high office or rank or station.

Poll: vote in an election at a polling station.

Sampler: an observation station that is set up to make sample observations of something.

Outpost: a station in a remote or sparsely populated location.

Apanage: any customary and rightful perquisite appropriate to your station in life.

Aid Station: (military) a station located near a combat area for giving first aid to the wounded.

Beacon: a radio station that broadcasts a directional signal for navigational purposes.

Substation: a subsidiary station where electricity is transformed for distribution by a low-voltage network.

Depot: station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods.

Blotter: the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station.

Low Status: a position of inferior status; low in station or rank or fortune or estimation.

Police Headquarters: a station that serves as headquarters for police in a particular district; serves as a place from which policemen are dispatched and to which arrested persons are brought.

Hypochlorous Acid: a weak unstable acid known only in solution and in its salts; used as a bleaching agent and as an oxidizing agent.

Kickback: a commercial bribe paid by a seller to a purchasing agent in order to induce the agent to enter into the transaction.

Estate Agent: a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land.

Transmitter: any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease.

Airborne Transmission: a transmission mechanism in the which the infectious agent is spread as an aerosol and usually enters a person through the respiratory tract.

Train Dispatcher: a railroad employer who is in charge of a railway yard.

Responsible: being the agent or cause.

Eliminator: an agent that eliminates something.

Impairer: an agent that impairs.

Shortener: any agent that shortens.

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