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Step : قدم اٹھانا , Demarche : سیاسی پالیسی میں تبدیلی , Pace : چلنا , High-Stepped : اونچے قدم سے , Begin : ابتدا کرنا , Complete : کامل , Marcher : مارچ کرنے والا , Stomp : تیز اور زور دار باکوب رقص , Tap Dance : دھمک رقص , Sword Dance : تلوار ناچ , Running Board : پائدان , Loafer : بغیر فیتے والا جوتا , Hop-Step-And-Jump : چھلانگ لگانے کا مقابلہ , Escalator : چلتی سیڑھی , Stumble : ٹھوکر کھانا , Transitionally : تغیر پذیر طور پر , Hurry : تیزی سے حرکت کرنا , Run : بھاگنا , Plantation Walking Horse : وہ گھوڑا جس کو تیز دوڑنے کے لئے تیار کیا گیا ہو , Cannikin : پیالہ , Bucket : بالٹی بھر , Kibble : ڈول , Lag : لکڑی کے پتلے ٹکڑے , Prestissimo : انتہائی تیز , Belted : پیٹی بند , Belt : بیلٹ کسنا , Meander : موڑنا , Sam Browne Belt : شمشیر بند , Lounging Jacket : مردانہ جیکٹ , Driving Belt : موٹر چلانے والی بیلٹ , Bandoleer : کارتوس کی بیلٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Step: shift or move by taking a step.

Demarche: a move or step or maneuver in political or diplomatic affairs.

Pace: a step in walking or running.

High-Stepped: having or moving with a high step.

Begin: take the first step or steps in carrying out an action.

Complete: having every necessary or normal part or component or step.

Marcher: walks with regular or stately step.

Stomp: a dance involving a rhythmical stamping step.

Tap Dance: a dance step tapped out audibly with the feet.

Sword Dance: any of various dances by men who step nimbly over swords or flourish them in the air.

Running Board: a narrow footboard serving as a step beneath the doors of some old cars.

Loafer: a low leather step-in shoe; the top resembles a moccasin but it has a broad flat heel.

Hop-Step-And-Jump: an athletic contest in which a competitor must perform successively a hop and a step and a jump in continuous movement.

Escalator: a stairway whose steps move continuously on a circulating belt.

Stumble: miss a step and fall or nearly fall.

Transitionally: as a transitional step or in a transitional manner.

Hurry: move very fast.

Run: move fast by using one`s feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time.

Plantation Walking Horse: a horse marked by stamina and trained to move at a fast running walk.

Cannikin: a wooden bucket.

Bucket: the quantity contained in a bucket.

Kibble: an iron bucket used for hoisting in wells or mining.

Lag: one of several thin slats of wood forming the sides of a barrel or bucket.

Prestissimo: extremely fast; as fast as possible.

Belted: having or provided with a belt.

Belt: fasten with a belt.

Meander: to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course.

Sam Browne Belt: leather belt supported by a strap over the right shoulder.

Lounging Jacket: a man's soft jacket usually with a tie belt; worn at home.

Driving Belt: a belt that carries motion from a motor to the machinery.

Bandoleer: a broad cartridge belt worn over the shoulder by soldiers.

Related Words

Go : سفر کرنا , Buck : تیزی سے حرکت کرنا , Dart : تیزی سے دوڑنا

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