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Stock Exchange meaning in Urdu

Stock Exchange Synonyms


Stock Exchange Definitions

1) Stock Exchange, Securities Market, Stock Market : بازار حصص, حصص کی لین دین کا مرکز : (noun) an exchange where security trading is conducted by professional stockbrokers.

Useful Words

Bourse : بازار حصص , Wall St. : نیویارک شہر میں واقع ایک گلی , Acquirer : خریدنے والا , Common Stock Equivalent : حصص کا متبادل , Usance : ادئیگی کی میعاد , Common Shares : ادنی درجے کا حصہ , Swap : اشیاء کا تبادلہ کرنا , Pawnbroker : گروی رکھنے والا , Barter : مبادلہ , Cash : کیش کرانا , Correspond : پیغام کا تبادلہ کرنا , Discussion : بحث , Bargain : قیمت طے کرنا , February 14 : محبت کے اظہار کا دن , Speak : بات کرنا , Commute : سزا کم کرنا , Change Over : تبادلہ کر لینا , Seminar : حلقہ , Talk : بات چیت , Commute : جگہ بدلنا , Correspondence : خط و کتابت , Speech : گفتگو کرنا , Reciprocity : مقابلہ , Change : بدلنا , Ransom : رقم واپس کر کے بکا ہوا مال لینا , Barter : رقم کے بغیر اشیاء کا تبادلہ کرنا , Commerce : لین دین , Marketing : خرید و فروخت , Valuable : قیمتی , Break : کھلا کرانا , Sell : بیچنا

Useful Words Definitions

Bourse: the stock exchange in Paris.

Wall St.: a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located; symbol of American finance.

Acquirer: a corporation gaining financial control over another corporation or financial institution through a payment in cash or an exchange of stock.

Common Stock Equivalent: preferred stock or convertible bonds or warrants that can be converted into common stock.

Usance: the period of time permitted by commercial usage for the payment of a bill of exchange (especially a foreign bill of exchange).

Common Shares: stock other than preferred stock; entitles the owner to a share of the corporation`s profits and a share of the voting power in shareholder elections.

Swap: exchange or give (something) in exchange for.

Pawnbroker: a person who lends money at interest in exchange for personal property that is deposited as security.

Barter: an equal exchange.

Cash: exchange for cash.

Correspond: exchange messages.

Discussion: an exchange of views on some topic.

Bargain: negotiate the terms of an exchange.

February 14: a day for the exchange of tokens of affection.

Speak: exchange thoughts; talk with.

Commute: exchange a penalty for a less severe one.

Change Over: make a shift in or exchange of.

Seminar: any meeting for an exchange of ideas.

Talk: an exchange of ideas via conversation.

Commute: exchange positions without a change in value.

Correspondence: communication by the exchange of letters.

Speech: the exchange of spoken words.

Reciprocity: mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges.

Change: exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category.

Ransom: exchange or buy back for money; under threat.

Barter: exchange goods without involving money.

Commerce: social exchange, especially of opinions, attitudes, etc..

Marketing: the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money.

Valuable: having great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange.

Break: exchange for smaller units of money.

Sell: exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent.

Stock Exchange in Book Titles

New York Stock Exchange Fact Book.
The Law Relating to Transactions on the Stock Exchange.

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