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Stone-Blind meaning in Urdu

Stone-Blind Definitions

1) Stone-Blind : بالکل اندھا : (satellite adjective) completely blind.


Useful Words

Seeing : بینا , Guide Dog : نابینا کی رہنمائی کرنے والا تربیت یافتہ کتا , Blindness : اندھا پن , Curtain : پردہ , Dazzle : رونق , Blind : آنکھیں نکال دینا , Abacinate : دھکتی سلاخ سے اندھا کرنا , Exemption : چھوٹ , Venetian Blind : جھلملی , Talking Book : بولتی کتاب , Anguis Fragilis : لمبا سا سست کیڑا , Hoder : اندھا دیوتا , Catachresis : تحریف لفظی , Blinder : چشم بند , Window Shade : کھڑکی کا پردہ , Blind Date : مرد اور عورت کے درمیان پہلی ملاقات , Seeing Eye Dog : نابیناوں کی راہنمائی کے لیے تربیت یافتہ کتا , Hand Ax : چھوٹی کلہاڑی , Hopscotch : پیلدوج , Muller : کوٹنے والا اوزار , Urolith : مثانے کی پتھری , Lapidify : پتھر بن جانا , Epilithic : پتھر یا چٹان پر اگنے والا , Cutter : سنگ تراش , Gravestone : سنگ قبر , Hearthstone : آتش دان کے پتھر , Neolith : پتھر کے اوزار جو پتھر کے زمانے کے لوگ استعمال کرتے تھے , Capstone : منڈیر , Dripstone : مہراب , Clinker : سخت اور چھوٹے پتھر , Mason : مستری

Useful Words Definitions

Seeing: having vision, not blind.

Guide Dog: a dog trained to guide the blind.

Blindness: the state of being blind or lacking sight.

Curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window).

Dazzle: brightness enough to blind partially and temporarily.

Blind: make blind by putting the eyes out.

Abacinate: blind by holding a red-hot metal plate before someone's eyes.

Exemption: a deduction allowed to a taxpayer because of his status (having certain dependents or being blind or being over 65 etc.).

Venetian Blind: a window blind made of horizontal strips that overlap when closed.

Talking Book: sound recording of someone reading a book; frequently used by blind people.

Anguis Fragilis: small burrowing legless European lizard with tiny eyes; popularly believed to be blind.

Hoder: (Norse mythology) a blind god; misled by Loki, he kills his brother Balder by throwing a shaft of mistletoe.

Catachresis: strained or paradoxical use of words either in error (as `blatant' to mean `flagrant') or deliberately (as in a mixed metaphor: `blind mouths').

Blinder: blind consisting of a leather eyepatch sewn to the side of the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on either side.

Window Shade: an opaque window blind that can cover or uncover a window.

Blind Date: a participant in a blind date (someone you meet for the first time when you have a date with them).

Seeing Eye Dog: (trademark) a guide dog trained to guide a blind person.

Hand Ax: a stone tool with a cutting edge; the stone is held in the hand and used for chopping.

Hopscotch: a game in which a child tosses a stone into an area drawn on the ground and then hops through it and back to regain the stone.

Muller: a heavy tool of stone or iron (usually with a flat base and a handle) that is used to grind and mix material (as grain or drugs or pigments) against a slab of stone.

Urolith: a urinary stone.

Lapidify: change into stone.

Epilithic: growing on stone.

Cutter: someone who cuts or carves stone.

Gravestone: a stone that is used to mark a grave.

Hearthstone: a stone that forms a hearth.

Neolith: a stone tool from the Neolithic Age.

Capstone: a stone that forms the top of wall or building.

Dripstone: a protective drip that is made of stone.

Clinker: a hard brick used as a paving stone.

Mason: a craftsman who works with stone or brick.

Related Words

Blind : نابینا