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Straight Face meaning in Urdu

Straight Face Definitions

1) Straight Face : بے رونق چہرہ : (noun) a serious facial expression giving no evidence of interest or amusement.


Useful Words

Grin : مسکراہٹ , Bend : مڑنا , Sad-Faced : غمگین چہرا , Burnside : قلم , Lantern-Jawed : پتلے جبڑے والا , Countenance : چہرہ , Hijab : حجاب , Poker Face : جذبات سے خالی چہرہ , Confrontation : ٹکراو , Face : چہرے کی بناوٹی , Look : نظر آنا , Frown : بھویں چڑھانا , Wince : چہرے سے درد کا اظہار , Mime : خاموش اداکار , Laugh : ہنسنا , Scorner : تحقیر کرنے والا , Leer : حقارت بھرا انداز , Amend : اصلاح کرنا , Straighten : سیدھا کرنا , Circuitous : گمراہ کن , Due : سیدھا , Square : سیدھا , Depart : بھٹک جانا , Even : ہموار کرنا , Straighten : سیدھا کرنا یا ہونا , Point-Blank : نشانہ , Singing : راز فاش کر دینا , Dirk : چاقو , Corrupt : دغاباز , Stob : کھمبا , Rectilineal : سیدھا

Useful Words Definitions

Grin: a facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth; usually shows pleasure or amusement.

Bend: turn from a straight course, fixed direction, or line of interest.

Sad-Faced: having a face with a sad expression.

Burnside: facial hair that has grown down the side of a man`s face in front of the ears (especially when the rest of the beard is shaved off).

Lantern-Jawed: having a protruding jaw giving the face a gaunt appearance.

Countenance: the human face (`kisser` and `smiler` and `mug` are informal terms for `face` and `phiz` is British).

Hijab: a headscarf worn by Muslim women; conceals the hair and neck and usually has a face veil that covers the face.

Poker Face: a face without any interpretable expression (as that of a good poker player).

Confrontation: a hostile disagreement face-to-face.

Face: a contorted facial expression.

Look: have a certain outward or facial expression.

Frown: a facial expression of dislike or displeasure.

Wince: the facial expression of sudden pain.

Mime: an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression.

Laugh: a facial expression characteristic of a person laughing.

Scorner: a person who expresses contempt by remarks or facial expression.

Leer: a facial expression of contempt or scorn; the upper lip curls.

Amend: set straight or right.

Straighten: make straight.

Circuitous: deviating from a straight course.

Due: directly or exactly; straight.

Square: in a straight direct way.

Depart: wander from a direct or straight course.

Even: make level or straight.

Straighten: straighten up or out; make straight.

Point-Blank: close enough to go straight to the target.

Singing: disclosing information or giving evidence about another.

Dirk: a relatively long dagger with a straight blade.

Corrupt: not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive.

Stob: a short straight stick of wood.

Rectilineal: characterized by a straight line or lines.

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