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Strip meaning in Urdu

Strip Sentences

The Nazis stripped the Jews of all their assets.
She strips in front of strangers every night for a living.

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1 of 10) Strip : کوئی پتلی لمبی پٹی یا حصہ : (noun) a relatively long narrow piece of something.

He felt a flat strip of muscle.


3 of 10) Strip, Deprive, Divest : محروم کرنا, چھینا : (verb) take away possessions from someone.

Related : Unarm : take away the weapons from; render harmless. Expropriate : deprive of possessions. Dispossess : deprive of the possession of real estate.

4 of 10) Strip, Airstrip, Flight Strip, Landing Strip : ہوائی پٹی : (noun) an airfield without normal airport facilities.

Related : Landing Field : a place where planes take off and land. Runway : a strip of level paved surface where planes can take off and land.

5 of 10) Strip, Cartoon Strip, Comic Strip, Funnies : کارٹون کہانی, کارٹون, مزاحیہ خاکے : (noun) a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book.

Related : Paper : a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements. Sketch : a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine.

6 of 10) Strip, Bare, Denudate, Denude : ننگا کرنا, کٹاوٴ کے عمل سے صاف کرنا : (verb) lay bare.

Related : Clear : remove.

7 of 10) Strip, Strip Show, Striptease : رقص کرتے کرتے کپڑے اتارنا : (noun) a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer gradually undresses to music.

She did a strip right in front of everyone.

8 of 10) Strip, Despoil, Foray, Loot, Pillage, Plunder, Ransack, Reave, Rifle : لوٹنا, چھیننا, لوٹ لینا : (verb) steal goods; take as spoils.

9 of 10) Strip, Dismantle : اکھاڑنا : (verb) take off or remove.

Strip a wall of its wallpaper.

Related : Withdraw : remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.

10 of 10) Strip, Disinvest, Divest, Undress : کپڑے اتارنا : (verb) remove (someone`s or one`s own) clothes.

Related : Withdraw : remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.

Useful Words

Strip Cropping : پٹی دار کاشت : cultivation of crops in strips following the contours of the land to minimize erosion.

Beggar-My-Neighbor, Beggar-My-Neighbour, Strip-Jack-Naked : کارڈ کا ایک کھیل : a card game for two players in which the object is to win all of the other player`s cards.

Taxi Strip, Taxiway : پرواز گاہ : a paved surface in the form of a strip; used by planes taxiing to or from the runway at an airport.

Weather Strip, Weather Stripping, Weatherstrip, Weatherstripping : دروازے میں لگانے والی پٹی جو ٹھنڈ روکتی ہے : a narrow strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window to exclude the cold.

Canal : نہر : long and narrow strip of water made for boats or for irrigation.

Necktie, Tie : ٹائی : neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front. "Which tie will go with that shirt?".

Hogback, Horseback : پہاڑ کی لمبی چوٹی : a long narrow ridge of hills with a narrow crest and steep slopes.

Spit, Tongue : سمندر کے ساتھ زمینی پٹی : a narrow strip of land that juts out into the sea.

Lath : لکڑی کی پٹی : a narrow thin strip of wood used as backing for plaster or to make latticework.

Agnail, Hangnail : ناخن سے جزوی طور پر الگ ہونے والی کھال : a loose narrow strip of skin near the base of a fingernail; tearing it produces a painful sore that is easily infected.

Isthmus : خشکی کا وہ حصہ جس کے دونوں طرف پانی ہو اور خشکی کے دو بڑے حصوں کو ملائے : a relatively narrow strip of land (with water on both sides) connecting two larger land areas.

Tape, Tape Measure, Tapeline : ناپنے والا ٹیپ : measuring instrument consisting of a narrow strip (cloth or metal) marked in inches or centimeters and used for measuring lengths. "The carpenter should have used his tape measure".

Cleft, Crack, Crevice, Fissure, Scissure : شگاف : a long narrow opening.

Slit : چاک : a long narrow opening.

Ditch : خندق : a long narrow excavation in the earth. "The bus has landed in a ditch".

Chap, Crack, Cranny, Crevice, Fissure : دراڑ : a long narrow depression in a surface.

Elongate, Linear : پھیلا ہوا : (of a leaf shape) long and narrow. "Elongate legs exercise".

Ridge, Ridgeline : لمبی پہاڑی : a long narrow range of hills.

Screed : طویل لکھائی : a long piece of writing.

Liman : دریا کے کنارے پر جھیل : a long narrow lagoon near the mouth of a river.

Ridge : لمبا پتلا ابھار : a long narrow natural elevation or striation.

Shank, Stem : گٹھلی : cylinder forming a long narrow part of something.

Acerate, Acerose, Acicular, Needle-Shaped : نوکیلا : narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves.

Aisle : طویل تنگ راستہ : a long narrow passage (as in a cave or woods). "Aisle route in Naran KPK".

Strap : چمڑے کی پٹی : an elongated leather strip (or a strip of similar material) for binding things together or holding something in position.

Canal Boat, Narrow Boat, Narrowboat : نہری کشتی : a long boat that carries freight and is narrow enough to be used in canals. "I have a narrow boat".

Hobble Skirt : تنگ اسکرٹ : a long skirt very narrow below the knees, worn between 1910 and 1914.

Refectory Table : کھانے کی میز : a long narrow dining table supported by a stretcher between two trestles.

Mag Tape, Magnetic Tape, Tape : مقناطیسی ورق جس پر آواز وغیرہ ٹیپ کی جاتی ہے : memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide; used to record audio or video signals or to store computer information. "He took along a dozen tapes to record the interview".

Whaleboat : ایک لمبی پتلی کشتی جو تیز سفر کے لئے بنائی ہو : a long narrow boat designed for quick turning and use in rough seas.

Toboggan : برف گاڑی : a long narrow sled without runners; boards curve upward in front.

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