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Subjection meaning in Urdu

Subjection Synonyms


Subjection Definitions

1 of 2) Subjection, Subjugation : تابع داری, محکومی : (noun) forced submission to control by others.

2 of 2) Subjection, Conquering, Conquest, Subjugation : فتح کرنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of conquering.

Useful Words

Servitude : غلامی , Repression : سرکوبی , Enfranchisement : حق راۓ دہی , Cower : خوف زدہ ہونا , Bow Down : سجدہ کرنا , Prostration : سجدہ , Conquer : غلبہ پانا , Bow : جھکنا , Invasion : چڑھائی , Anglo-Saxon : اصلی انگریز , Invade : چڑھائی کرنا , Emancipation : رہائی , China : تائوان , Unbowed : غیر جھکا ہوا , At Bay : پھنسا , Dislodgement : مقررہ جگہ سے ہٹا دینے کا عمل , Voluntary : آزادی کے ساتھ , Labor Camp : مزدور کی بستی , Nazification : نازی بنانے کا عمل , Stem : اسکی انگ , Backwater : کھڑا پانی , Horst : چڑھاو , Sumo : ایک قسم کی جاپانی کشتی , Jacob : یعقوب علیہ السلام , Canute : ڈینمارک اور نوروے کا قدیم بادشاہ , Beyond Control : بے قابو , Anarchic : لاقانونیت والا , In Hand : قابو میں , Dominate : حاوی ہونا , Contained : قابو میں ہونا , Appliance : آلہ

Useful Words Definitions

Servitude: state of subjection to an owner or master or forced labor imposed as punishment.

Repression: a state of forcible subjugation.

Enfranchisement: freedom from political subjugation or servitude.

Cower: show submission or fear.

Bow Down: get into a prostrate position, as in submission.

Prostration: abject submission; the emotional equivalent of prostrating your body.

Conquer: overcome by conquest.

Bow: bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame or greeting.

Invasion: the act of invading; the act of an army that invades for conquest or plunder.

Anglo-Saxon: a native or inhabitant of England prior to the Norman Conquest.

Invade: march aggressively into another's territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation.

Emancipation: freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent's relinquishing authority and control over a minor child.

China: a government on the island of Taiwan established in 1949 by Chiang Kai-shek after the conquest of mainland China by the Communists led by Mao Zedong.

Unbowed: not forced to bow down to a conqueror.

At Bay: forced to turn and face attackers.

Dislodgement: forced removal from a position of advantage.

Voluntary: of your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled.

Labor Camp: a penal institution for political prisoners who are used as forced labor.

Nazification: social process of adopting (or being forced to adopt) Nazism.

Stem: a turn made in skiing; the back of one ski is forced outward and the other ski is brought parallel to it.

Backwater: a body of water that was created by a flood or tide or by being held or forced back by a dam.

Horst: a ridge of the earth`s crust that has been forced upward between two faults and so is higher than the surrounding land.

Sumo: a Japanese form of wrestling; you lose if you are forced out of a small ring or if any part of your body (other than your feet) touches the ground.

Jacob: (Old Testament) son of Isaac; brother of Esau; father of the twelve patriarchs of Israel; Jacob wrestled with God and forced God to bless him, so God gave Jacob the new name of Israel (meaning `one who has been strong against God`).

Canute: king of Denmark and Norway who forced Edmund II to divide England with him; on the death of Edmund II, Canute became king of all England (994-1035).

Beyond Control: out of control.

Anarchic: without law or control.

In Hand: under control.

Dominate: be in control.

Contained: gotten under control.

Appliance: a device or control that is very useful for a particular job.

Related Words

Capture : قبضہ , Captivity : غلامی , Bondage : غلامی , Bondage : پابندی , Peonage : مزدور , Confinement : قید

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