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Subjugation   Meaning in Urdu

1. Subjugation, Subjection : تابع داری - محکومی : (noun) forced submission to control by others.

Repression - a state of forcible subjugation.


2. Subjugation, Oppression : ظلم سے دبانے کا عمل - ظلم سے فرمابردار بنانا : (noun) the act of subjugating by cruelty.

Persecution - the act of persecuting (especially on the basis of race or religion).

3. Subjugation, Conquering, Conquest, Subjection : فتح کرنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of conquering.

Capture, Gaining Control, Seizure - the act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property.

Act, Deed, Human Action, Human Activity : کام : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Control, Restraint : ضبط : discipline in personal and social activities. "He was a model of polite restraint"

Cruelty, Inhuman Treatment : ظلم و ستم : a cruel act; a deliberate infliction of pain and suffering.

Constrained, Forced, Strained : غیر طبعی : lacking spontaneity; not natural. "A constrained smile"

Early, Former, Other : قدیم دور کے متعلق : belonging to the distant past. "The early inhabitants of Europe"

Meekness, Submission : نرم مزاجی : the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness.

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