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Subway 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Subway Sentence

In Paris the subway system is called the `metro` and in London it is called the `tube` or the `underground`.

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1 of 2 : زمین دوز برقی ریل Zameen Doz Barqi Rail زیر زمین برقی ریل Zair E Zameen Barqi Rail : Metro Subway System Tube Underground Subway : (noun) an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city).

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2 of 2 : زیر راستہ Zair Raasta : Underpass Subway : (noun) an underground tunnel or passage enabling pedestrians to cross a road or railway.

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Subway in Book Titles

The Cincinnati Subway: History of Rapid Transit.
The New York City Subway System.
Subway City: Riding the Trains, Reading New York.

Useful Words

At A Lower Place Below Beneath To A Lower Place : نیچے Neeche : in or to a place that is lower.

City Metropolis Urban Center : بڑی آبادی والا شہر Badi Aabadi Wala Sheher : a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts. "I had gone to the city"

Cross : باندھنا Bandhna : fold so as to resemble a cross. "She crosses her arms"

Electric Electrical : برقی قوت Barqi Quwat : using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity. "Electric current"

Enabling : خصوصی اختیار عطا کرنا Khasoosi Ikhtiyar Ata Karna : providing legal power or sanction. "An enabling resolution"

Dry Land Earth Ground Land Solid Ground Terra Firma : زمین Zameen : the solid part of the earth's surface. "The plane turned away from the sea and moved back over land"

In Operation Operating Operational : متحرک Mutaharik : being in effect or operation. "De facto apartheid is still operational even in the `new` African nations"

Passage Transition : نقل مکانی Naqal Makaani : the act of passing from one state or place to the next. "Pakistani people in turkey are so tensed because of low income so they are migrating to Greece as they found an underground passage"

Earthbound Pedestrian Prosaic Prosy : بوجھل Bojhal : lacking wit or imagination. "A pedestrian movie plot"

Railroad Railroad Line Railway Railway Line Railway System : ریلوے لائن Railway Line : line that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a system of transportation for trains that pull passengers or freight.

Road Route : شاہراہ Shara : an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation. "Road lying empty completely"

Surface : سطح Satha : the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary. "There is a special cleaner for these surfaces"

Tunnel : سرنگ Surang : a passageway through or under something, usually underground (especially one for trains or cars). "He is such a trained criminal that he even escaped by making a tunnel in jail"

Belowground Underground : زیر زمین Zair Zameen : under the level of the ground. "Belowground room"

Commonly Normally Ordinarily Unremarkably Usually : عام طور پر Aam Tor Par : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late"

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